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Prince Albert National Park

Trail and Facilities Condition Report

September 25,  2015

  • Trail conditions fluctuate daily depending on the weather.
  • Trails are cleared of fallen trees periodically.


  • low water levels in the Kingsmere River. 

Trail Name 

Conditions and Comments 


7.2 km loop

 Trail cleared September 21.

Red Deer Blue
5.2 km loop

 Trail cleared September 14.
Red Deer Red
8.1 km loop
 Trail cleared September 21.
Red Deer Yellow
5.8 k loop
 Trail cleared September 14.

 Highway #264

Boundary Bog
2.0 km loop
 Trail cleared September 21.

 Kingsmere Road  

Waskesiu River
2.5 km loop
 Closed for maintenance.
Narrows Peninsula
3.0 km loop
 Trail cleared September 21.
Kingsmere River
1.5 km one-way
 Trail cleared August 6.
Grey Owl
20.0 km one-way
 Some trees down on trail between Westwind and Chipewyan Portage campgrounds.

 Narrows Road

Mud Creek Trail
3 km loop
 Trail cleared September 21.
1.4 km loop
 Trail cleared September 21.

 Scenic Route #263

Shady Lake
1.7 km loop
 Some wet/muddy areas. Trail cleared September 14.
Height-of-Land Tower
15 m tower
 Good condition.
Freight Tait Springs
2 km one way
 Trail cleared September 2.
Spruce River Highlands
8.5 km loop
 Trail cleared September 2.

Elk Trail
To Fish Lake
13km one way

 Trail cleared September 1.
Elk Trail
Fish Lake to Camp Lake
3 km one way
 Trail cleared April 21.
Elk Trail
Camp Lake to West Side Boundary
23 km one way
 Not maintained.

 Cookson Road

Cookson Road  West end closed for maintenance.
Hunters Lake
12.0 km one-way
 Trail cleared May 19.
West Side Boundary
37.5 km one-way
 Good condition.

 West Side

Amyot Lake
15.5 km loop
 Sections of the trail are washed out.

Park entry permits are required year round. Fees are invested back into facilities and services for visitors to enjoy. Obtain your pass at the Prince Albert National Park Visitor Centre.

Trail Map
Trail Descriptions


  • Emergency 911
  • Parks Canada Dispatch (24 Hours) 1-877-852-3100  
  • Trails are not patrolled, please ensure you are self-reliant.
  • Keep your distance from wildlife and make noise while on the trails.
  • Watch for deadfall and slippery or broken boardwalks
  • Protect your pet and park wildlife by keeping your dog on a leash.
  • Please respect area and trail closures.
  • Use caution on boardwalk and stairs.
  • Do not rely on your cell/satellite phone to get you out of trouble. Coverage is variable throughout the Park.


  • Visitor Centre: hours of operation:
  • Saturday - Thursday 8am-6pm 
  • Friday 8am-8pm
  • Contact us by telephone: (306) 663-4522 or by email
  • Park entry permits can be purchased at the Visitor Centre  
  • Please register at the Visitor Centre for all overnight backcountry trips.
  • Check road conditions at 1-888-335-7623 or online.
  • Check weather conditions.