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Bring Your Students to Waterton Lakes National Park

Parks Canada-Led Programs: May or June / September or October

Little Wonders Walk

Little Wonders Walk
Duration: 1 hour.
Grade 2 Science (Small Crawling and Flying Animals).
Grade 3 Science (Animal Life Cycles). 
Discover the magic of the many creatures living in the Maskinonge Wetland: Northern pike, woodpeckers, chorus frogs, dragon flies, shrews, elk and owls.

Bertha Trail Hike
Duration: 2 hours.
Grade 4 Science (Plant Growth and Changes).
Grade 6 Science (Trees and Forests).
A forest is much more than the sum of its trees. Explore it and see how interconnected and full of life it really is.

A Bear's View Hike

A Bear's View Hike
Duration: 2 hours.
Grade 7 Science (Interactions and Ecosystems).
Grade 9 Science (Biological Diversity).
Bears are an important umbrella species. Discover how they are affected by human activities, and explore ways of working together to keep this animal on the landscape.

Fees apply to these programs. $3.90 / student with teachers, drivers and limited adult supervisors free. These fees include park entry and GST. Entry fees apply to additional adults. Space is limited, book early.

To make a reservation, email: Dianne Pachal or phone 403-859-5107.

Self-Led Programs: Year-Round

$2.90 / student with one teacher and a driver free. Entry fees apply to additional adults.

Other Interesting Sites and Resources

Bar U Ranch NHS and Nature Conservancy of Canada

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

Activities include ranching tasks as they took place over a hundred years ago. Students are invited for a horsedrawn wagon ride, games, bannock, hot chocolate and stories at roundup camp. School programs for grade K to 8.

Contact: Mike McLean 403-395-2212.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is a private, non-profit organization working for the direct protection of Canada's biodiversity through the purchase, donation or placing of conservation easements on ecologically significant lands.

The Weston Family Conservation Centre and Waterton Springs Interpretive Trail

Join the NCC to experience the Waterton Park Front, where approximately 30,000 acres of private lands, surrounding Waterton Lakes National Park are conserved and maintained as ranch land. The Weston Family Conservation Centre is a nature centre featuring interactive displays and activities focused on youth. The easy, one km Waterton Springs Interpretive Trail allows classes to explore ecological and cultural connections of the Waterton Park Front. Youth-oriented trail brochures are available and a conservation geocache is located nearby. Both the centre and trail are located at Waterton Springs Campground.

Contact: Conservation Coordinator: 403-632-9267. Email:

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

School programs, video conferencing and field studies.

Contact: Heidi Eijgel: 403-627-1152. Email:

Métis Cultural and Historic Programs

Free in-class programs.

Contact: Donna Bruder: 403-627-4502. Email:

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

A World Heritage Site offering school programs.

Contact: Toll free at 310-0000, then dial 403-553-2731. Email:

Educational Resources

Waterton Resource Guide

A guide to the nature and history of Waterton Lakes National Park (digital or hard copy, by chapter). Contact: Dianne Pachal 403-859-5107.


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