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Management Plan


Studies of the flora and fauna on Grosse Île since 1988 have served to describe the site’s natural environment and make recommendations for its protection.

Current data suggest that the island’s natural resources, except in inhabited areas, have been little disturbed by earlier human activity. These disturbances can be observed in the island’s southern area of occupation. However, more data is required to grasp their impact on ecosystems, and, in particular, the impact occurring outside the southern zone. This informationgathering process is deemed essential to obtaining sufficient insight into the status of ecosystems. 21 Furthermore, the development of activities and infrastructures on Grosse Île has made it necessary to protect certain habitats and, by the same token, identify conservation priorities for natural resources. The main conservation values concern the plant life and wildlife components (see appendix 2).

21. The natural resources plan (now undergoing revision) dealing with all national historic sites located in the greater Québec City area has identified a series of studies required to complete the base line information on Grosse Île. A number of management plans and a monitoring program concerning natural resources will be implemented over the next several years.

Analysis of the current situation

Ownership and legal context
Commemorative integrity of the site
Condition of landscapes and level-1 resources
Communication of site messages of national historic significance
General status
Impacts of activities past and present
Public visitation and use
Visitation figures
Facilities and services
Regional tourism context