The Forks National Historic Site of Canada

A child looks through a telescope over the Variety Heritage Adventure Park. 
The Forks is of national historic significance due to its strategic location at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers that were part of a vast continental network of water routes. The site's significance derives from its continuous use over time for transportation, trade and settlement. A traditional aboriginal stopping place, The Forks was also the site of Fort Rouge, Fort Gibraltar and the two Forts Garry.

Unlike most other national historic sites, The Forks does not commemorate one specific period in history. Instead, its importance lies in its role as witness to so many of the events that shaped the Canadian West as we know it. The first people here camped at the confluence of the two great rivers and over the centuries their presence drew others. Today The Forks is Winnipeg’s "Meeting Place," where festivals, special events and a tranquil landscape draw thousands to the historic heart of the city.

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A Walk through the Site
A Walk through the Site

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