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Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites


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Holding Down the Homefront: 100 Year-Old Archives

To honour the men and women of Victoria who supported the WWI troops from home, Fort Rodd Hill has uncovered old newspapers, letters and photos from one-hundred years-ago. Follow us on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed for your weekly blast from the past.

See the showgirls reveal their ankles at the Royal Theatre. Shocking!

Follow the progress of the new Ogden Point breakwater. The first of the big granite blocks will show above the water at the end of July.

Worry about the rising price of a pack of cigarettes—still ten cents for now, but duties to support the war are coming soon.

Imagine you are living in Victoria one-hundred years ago. You sit on the edge of your seat, as every morning The Daily Colonist newspaper brings stories about the battle that shadows the world.

Join us and let the past unfold on your computer, tablet or cell phone, in real-time, one-hundred years ago.