Management planning

Thousand Islands National Park

Thank you, the 2022 Thousand Islands National Park Management Plan is complete

Thousand Islands National Park of Canada Management Plan, 2022

The management plan is a strategic guide for future management of a national park. It is required by legislation, guided by public consultation, approved by the Minister responsible for Parks Canada, and tabled in Parliament. It is the primary public accountability document for each national park.

The plan was created with input from the Mohawk First Nation community of Akwesasne, regional residents, partners and stakeholders, as well as visitors past and present.

As a strategic and long-term guide, a management plan establishes a vision looking 10 or more years into the future. Its primary goal is to ensure that there is a clearly defined direction for the maintenance or restoration of ecological integrity and is intended to guide appropriate use. Direction is also described for visitor experience programs, which are recognized as a fundamental means for achieving both protection and use objectives.

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Current stage


Management plan approval

Management planning cycle

Management plan cycle explained, see text below for further explanation.
Stages of management planning
  1. Management plan implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  2. State of site assessment
  3. Scoping issues and vision elements
  4. Management plan preparation
    *Indigenous and public engagement
  5. Management plan approval

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