Riding Mountain National Park

Public Notice - Superintendent’s authorization - Delegation of authority

Issued: May 16, 2023

The Superintendent of Riding Mountain National Park is exercising her authority to delegate,

Mr. Scot Shellborn, Visitor Services Team Leader IV;

Ms. Melissa Bennett, Visitor Services Team Leader II;

Ms. Paige Zeke, Visitor Services Team Leader II;

Wasagaming Campground Attendants; Park Wardens; Resource, Management Officers I & II, and the Visitor Safety Coordinator

the authority/right to cancel a camping permit(s) pursuant to section 16 of the National Parks Camping Regulations where:

(a) without the written authorization of the superintendent, the campsite to which the permit applies is not occupied;
(b) the holder of the permit fails to keep the campsite occupied by him or any portable cabin, trailer or structure thereon in a condition satisfactory to the superintendent;
(c) the holder of the permit has furnished incorrect, false or misleading information to the superintendent in order to secure the permit or maintain it in force; or
(d) the holder of the permit fails to comply with

(i) the conditions of the permit,

(ii) a directive or prohibition of the superintendent made pursuant to these Regulations, or

(iii) any instructions that may be posted by the superintendent at the entrance to a public campground.


Start date: 2023-05-16