Riding Mountain National Park

Info-Work - Road repairs on Highway 19 update

Issued: January 26, 2023

Manitoba Provincial Highway 19 in Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) in now open for two-way traffic. Road work to repair damage caused by severe spring weather in 2022 is complete for the season. Parks Canada anticipates regular annual temporary road restrictions and closures this spring. Additional minor repairs and surfacing will be completed when road conditions permit in June, 2023. All road repairs and improvements are expected to be complete by August 2023. Parks Canada is looking forward to opening the road once the contract work is completed.

Completed repairs to Highway 19 include:

  • Ditching and shaping of shoulders along with blading
  • New culvert installations
  • Replacements and repairs to existing culverts

Final work to be completed during summer 2023 include:

  • Final site cleanup
  • Compacting and stabilizing the road surface
  • Supplying, loading, hauling, placing and compacting structural backfill materials

Spring road conditions for Highway 19 remain variable. To make the most of their Parks Canada experience, visitors are encouraged to plan their trip in advance. Temporary seasonal road restrictions and closures between April and June 2023 are expected. These dates are weather dependent and subject to change.

Parks Canada staff appreciates your patience as we complete this work. We look forward to having visitors and local community members once again be able to travel this scenic parkway route through the eastern portion of the park.

For updates on road closures and restrictions, visit https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/mb/riding/bulletins or contact us at rmnp.info@pc.gc.ca or 204-848-7275