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Waterton Lakes National Park

Important bulletins

Important bulletins for Waterton Lakes National Park

Trail report

Find current trail conditions at Waterton Lakes National Park

Safety on land

Visitor safety information for land activities in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Safety on water

Visitor safety information for Waterton Lakes National Park.

Winter safety

When visiting Waterton Lakes during winter, be prepared for winter’s special hazards

Wildlife safety

Wildlife safety in Waterton Lakes National Park.

Mountain safety

The Mountain Safety section was created to provide users of the Mountain National Parks with information


Waterton has highly variable mountain weather which can change quickly

Safety is Parks Canada's top priority. Visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park must adhere to area closures and remain vigilant of potential hazards.

For information about safety while enjoying Waterton Lakes National Park, explore the topics below.

For general information on how to stay safe when enjoying the outdoors, visit

Safety topics

Safety on land


A little preparation can prevent a small setback from ruining your day or your trip. Follow these tips to have a day you will never forget… in a good way.

Wildlife safety


Any encounter with a wild animal is thrilling. Here is how to ensure your safety and theirs.

Water safety


Ensuring that you have the proper safety equipment and are familiar with your chosen activity is the best way to stay safe on the water.

Winter safety


Be prepared for the potential dangers that come with winter: cold temperatures, storms, challenging travel conditions, uncertain ice conditions and short days.

Trail safety


Hikers need to take individual responsibility for planning their trips and hiking safely. Minimize your risk by planning ahead.

Visitor guidelines


In Canada, national parks enjoy special protections that may differ from other protected places. Please know “what not to do” in a national park.

Safety is everyone's responsibility. At Parks Canada, we do our part to make sure you can have a safe visit by assessing the risks, managing hazards, and making sure that safety information is freely available to everyone.

You can do your part by seeking out the information you need to stay safe and make well informed decisions while enjoying these special places. Explore our website and stop at our Visitor Centre for the most up-to-date information.

Make sure you are fully prepared for whatever activities you choose to participate in so you can have a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit.

In case of emergency: Dial 911

  • State that you are calling from Waterton Lakes National Park.
  • Remember, cell phones are not always reliable in the backcountry

To report park offences, wildlife concerns or visitor safety issues call: 1-888-927-3367. Toll free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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