Restore and recover nature

Protected areas are home to many plants and animals, including species at risk. Parks Canada conserves and restores ecosystems on land and in water. We use innovative science and collaboration to do this.

Making roads safer for wildlife at Parks Canada
We’re all in the driver’s seat to make a difference for wildlife!
Environmental DNA at Parks Canada
Parks Canada is using eDNA across the country to help monitor and restore healthy ecosystems.
Invasive species: aquatic ecosystems under stress at Parks Canada
Parks Canada and partners are using innovative ways to tackle aquatic invasive species.
Canada Nova Scotia Manitoba
Restoring a quiet environment for whales
Keeping waters as quiet as possible is key for their survival.
British Columbia Quebec
Care for the land: Parks Canada works to control invasive alien species (IAS)
Parks Canada works with many groups to protect threatened ecosystems and wildlife from IAS.
Canada Nova Scotia Alberta
British Columbia
Bison and the power of partnerships
Protecting bison cannot be done alone. Parks Canada works in partnership with many Indigenous communities to help bison grow and thrive.
Prairies Northwest Territories
Saving cold water loving fish in mountain national parks
Parks Canada is restoring threatened Westslope Cutthroat Trout and aquatic ecosystems in Alberta.
Making life better for bats and people in Canada
Parks Canada is committed to doing its best to slow the spread of white-nose syndrome.
Caribou recovery at Parks Canada: out of sight, but not out of mind
Recovering caribou in Canada remains a priority for Parks Canada, both inside and outside of park borders.

Parks Canada merchandise – your purchase helps conservation

Profits made through the sale of official merchandise online at Parks Canada shop support conservation projects!

More stories from Parks Canada conservation

Biotics Web Explorer

Provides access to information about species in Parks Canada managed areas.

Kids' questions about the wild (part one)

We love wild questions—and kids love asking them.

Kids’ wildest questions about the wild (part two)

More kids’ questions about nature.

Six champion travellers

Learn about Parks Canada's longest-migrating species.

Waterfalls to the Rescue of Brook Trout

Learn about our efforts to protect the brook trout population in La Mauricie National Park.

Tidy tundra = healthy herd

Removing industrial waste in Qausuittuq National Park will restore habitat for the endangered Peary caribou.

Epic and perilous journeys of animal travellers

Connecting landscapes allows animals to roam.

Success stories

Parks Canada has supported several field initiatives for the recovery of the species at risk.

Southern Mountain Caribou

Southern Mountain caribou have declined across western Canada.

What is it like to be a bat?

Parks Canada considers an old question.

Scanning the bugs

Using a genetic identification method, researchers complete a major survey of insect diversity in national parks.

Protecting the Southern Resident Killer Whales

Parks Canada is taking action to support their recovery through monitoring, education and enforcement.

Helping bats find a home

Parks Canada is working with partners to maintain roosting places for bats.

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