Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

Bennett City Restricted Activity Area

Issued: November 11, 2022

What: Pursuant to Section 12 (1) of the National Historic Parks General Regulations, random camping and motorized use is prohibited in the area known as Bennett City, as shown on the attached map. This area is bounded by the railway right-of-way, Bennett lakeshore and Lindeman Creek, and extends to the south as far as UTM N6633100.

Why: These activities are prohibited in order to protect cultural resources.

Please Note: Travel by foot or ski throughout the entire Bennett City Restricted Activity Area is still permitted. Camping immediately next to the Day Use Cabin is permitted but snowmobiles must remain on the ice surface of Bennett Lake. The Day Use Cabin at Bennett City is closed for the winter.

Travis Weber
A/Field Unit Superintendent, Yukon

Provisions of First Nation Agreements, court decisions, and other aboriginal rights, as reached through an agreement with Canada, may take precedence over any restrictions/prohibitions made under these Regulations.

Map of Bennett Restricted Activity Area
Bennett Restricted Activity Area

Chilkoot Trail winter restricted activity area maps (PDF, 177 Kb)

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