Arctic ground squirrel, one of the few permanent residents of the landmark
Arctic ground squirrel
© Parks Canada / James McCormick

Wildlife Viewing

The Pingo Canadian Landmark has wildlife viewing opportunities year-round. Few animals make it their permanent home. Many animal species take advantage of  the varied habitats for short periods of time. It is not unusual to see caribou grazing at the base of a pingo or a grizzly bear wandering through the area in search of autumn berries. On rare occasions, a polar bear following the coastline may pass through the landmark in the winter.

Here, you'll find important habitat for nesting and migrating birds. This area is a hot spot for migratory birds making their way north for the Arctic summer or heading south for the winter.

Lesser golden-plover
Lesser golden-plover
© Parks Canada / Wayne Lynch

In late spring you can see migrating geese, including Brant geese, lesser snow geese and greater white-fronted geese. You can also see tundra swans and loons. Ducks such as mallard, green-winged teal, king eider and long-tailed duck are common to the area.

There are a variety of fish species found in the bays within the landmark, including Pacific herring, Arctic cisco, least cisco, broad whitefish, inconnu and jackfish. Loche can be found here in the fall.

Please respect the wildlife and observe from a safe distance.

See Environment section for more information about wildlife you might see at the landmark.

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