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The Forks National Historic Site

The Forks National Historic Site will soon begin accepting reservations for 2024 school programs. Please check back regularly for updates and exciting changes to the school programming!

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History takes on new meaning for students! You and your students can discover The Forks’ past first-hand, through one of our Manitoba curriculum-based programs and activities.

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Unpacking the past

Grades Kindergarten - 3

What brings so many people to The Forks? Join an interpretive guide on an interactive tour of The Forks. Along the journey, the contents of three suitcases will be revealed and you will unpack games, stories, and more to help discover the story of this significant place.

Length: 60 minutes

Social Studies Curriculum:

  • Kindergarten – Cluster 1, 2 & 3: Me, The People Around Me, The World Around Me
  • Grade 1 – Cluster 1 & 2: I Belong, My Environment
  • Grade 2 – Cluster 1, 2 & 3: Our Local Community, Communities in Canada, The Canadian Community
  • Grade 3 – Cluster 1: Connecting with Canadians
Where Our Stories Meet

Grades 4 - 12

The tour will start with the histories of the First Nations who traded here for thousands of years. You’ll then hear about the outsiders who charted this territory for Europe, as well as the story of the Métis Nation, which shaped the land that would become Manitoba during the fur trade era.

Length: 60 minutes

Group Activities:

Stories and Legends

Grades 4 - 12

Discover The Forks' hidden history! Take a 6,000-year journey with a Parks Canada interpreter and uncover what lies beneath your feet. Learn the fate of the four fur trading posts and hear the epic stories behind this meeting place. Through curious objects and colourful characters, the history of The Forks comes to life in this easy walking tour.

Length: 60 minutes

Social Studies Curriculum:

  • Grade 4 – Cluster 3 & 4: Living in Manitoba, History of Manitoba
  • Grade 5 – Cluster 1, 2, 3 & 4: First Peoples, Early European Colonization (1600 to 1763), Fur Trade, From British Colony to Confederation (1763-1867)
  • Grade 6 – Cluster 1: Building a Nation (1867-1914)
  • Grade 7 – Cluster 2 & 4: Global Quality of Life, Human Impact in Europe or the Americas
  • Grade 8 – Cluster 1: Understanding Societies Past and Present
  • Grade 9 – Cluster 1: Diversity and Pluralism in Canada
  • Grade 10 – Cluster 5: Urban Places
  • Grade 11 – Cluster 1: First Peoples and Nouvelle-France (to 1763)
  • Grade 12 – Global Issues
Finger weaving

Learn about Métis culture while getting creative! With this new program, students will weave mini sashes that they can take home.

Length: 60 minutes


Students dig it! Learn more about artifacts that have been found at The Forks, some more than 6,000 years old, while getting the opportunity to sift through the soil to make a discovery.

Length: 60 minutes


*Programs offered weather permitting.


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