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Riding Mountain Park East Gate Registration Complex National Historic Site

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Plaque The plaque at the entrance of the East Gate Registration Complex

East Gate Entrance Complex

This registration building and two nearby staff cabins typify the rustic architecture that became a hallmark of the national parks during the 1930s. At Riding Mountain National Park, Depression relief funding enabled skilled local craftsmen to create a legacy of enduring landmarks from the abundant supplies of timber. This structure is the last of three log entrance gates that once greeted visitors and introduced them to the rustic character of other key facilities within the park.

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Location: East Gate Registration Complex NHSC

The East Gate Registration Complex is located at the eastern entrance of Riding Mountain National Park of Canada on Highway 19 (formerly known as the Norgate Road) at the base of the Manitoba Escarpment near the community of McCreary, Manitoba.


1930 Riding Mountain obtains national park status.

1931 South Entrance to park is built.

1933 East Entrance to park is built.

1933 Riding Mountain National Park officially opens.

1933 Whirlpool Warden’s residence is built.

1933 The Gatekeeper’s House is built.

1934 Riding Mountain employs over 1200 men on various Depression Relief Projects.

1936 North Entrance to park is built.

1995 East Gate Registration Complex is designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

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