Plan by region

Find a new place for your clients to explore! There are 222 Parks Canada sites across the country; discover which ones can be added to your current itineraries or be inspired to create trips to new destinations.

Export-ready experiences

Discover export-ready experiences to add to your itineraries. From hands-on history like firing a cannon to spectacular guided hikes, your clients will love these suggestions to make their visit to a national park or national historic site truly memorable.

Canadian Signature Experiences

Parks Canada’s eight Canadian Signature Experiences invite your clients into immersive experiences at some of the country’s most special places. The Canadian Signature Experiences collection is an inventory of trade friendly, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that show the world the best Canada has to offer. Include one on your next itinerary!

Indigenous experiences

Give your clients the opportunity to experience Indigenous cultures and traditions first hand. With our Indigenous partners we bring you on a rich meaningful journey to explore Indigenous roots in Canada and interact with vibrant First Nation, Métis and Inuit cultures which continue to flourish today.