Your safety is important to us! We want you to experience and connect with Canada’s National Parks, Historic Sites and Marine Conservation Areas in the most enjoyable and fulfilling ways.

You can do your part by getting informed and being prepared. Plan your activity and share that information with a friend or family before you begin.

For the information you need to prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip, visit the website for the park, historic site or marine conservation area you plan to visit.

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Cannabis is now legal and regulated in Canada. Find out how this will affect your visit.

Safety is a shared responsibility

There are many ways to enjoy Parks Canada’s sites and regardless of the activity you choose, doing it safely will help you create the best kind of memories. Whether you are a thrill seeking adventurer or want to connect to history and the natural world with the whole family, we have what you are looking for.

We do our part by assessing activities, inspecting and maintaining infrastructures, working with partners and making all the information we have readily available to all Parks Canada’s visitors. This includes providing tips, sharing knowledge of hazards and risks associated to activities we offer as well as the level of service related to visitor safety that we offer at a given site and time of year.

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For other general information, hints and tips related to how to prepare for a wide range of outdoor activities we encourage you to visit AdventureSmart. Get informed & go outdoors!