3 days: from Montréal to Québec City

605 km roundtrip

Day 1

Fortifications of Québec - Québec City, 235 km from Montréal

Embark on a search for Québec City’s hidden treasures! Our guides invite you on a historic journey of the fortifications, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Slip on a cape and solve the mystery of the Legend of the talking walls.

Watch out, the sergeant is recruiting new soldiers! Take part in a musket-firing demonstration to find out more.

Day 2

Saint-Louis Forts and Château - Québec City

Take a stroll along the unparalleled Dufferin Terrace before heading below to discover the remains of the governors’ residence during the colonial period. Use shovels and trowels to dig up items from another era.

Lévis Forts - Lévis, 25 km from Québec City

In the afternoon, take a trip to Lévis and launch an assault on the last British fort built on Canadian soil. Dress up as a soldier and visit the underground firing gallery and gunpowder room.

Day 3

Grosse-Île and the Irish Memorial - Grosse-Île, 55 km from Lévis

Your next odyssey will take you by boat to the historic quarantine station, a fascinating site located in the heart of the St. Lawrence River! Walk in the footsteps of the tens of thousands of immigrants who passed through the island.

Once on the island, you’ll be directed to a mandatory medical examination, just like immigrants from the 1800s. Meet Nurse Sarah Wade.

Return to Montréal, 290 km