Fort Walsh

"Where can you go where culture shines bright?
None other than Fort Walsh National Historic Site.
Indigenous peoples with stories to tell.
Demonstrations of beading, and drumming as well.
Sharing their history of days long ago;
Fostering understanding where it’s not known.
The hills are alive, and the tipis, a sign,
Of the many who walked here, among these waters and pine.
Discover the First Nations camp; all the wonders to be found.
It’s the place where I’m changed, by wisdom unbound."

Rae — Heritage Interpreter
Initial rock

My favourite place in Grasslands National Park’s East Block is a rock formation known as ‘Initial Rock’. It’s a short hike from our Badlands view point and is evidence of the recent local history. A popular spot for sweethearts to snuggle up and watch the sunset, many left their mark by carving their initials into the sandstone.

Meredith — Heritage Presenter
Night sky at Kingsmere lake

I looked up and a million stars shattered the moonless night. The snow on Kingsmere Lake shone under their glitter. There is no such thing as real darkness – only a different way of seeing. Prince Albert National Park in the dark is waiting to share its precious gems.

Colleen — Interpretation Coordinator
With these hands

A symbol of hard work and perseverance; the piece of a wooden plow handle displayed in W.R. Motherwell’s home reminds me of the dedication and sweat that went into and continues to go into living off the land at Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site. It’s a tribute to all those past and present that grow food for Canadians.

Sheldon — Interpretation Coordinator
The path of time

Hidden in plain sight is one of my favourite art installations, ‘The Path of Time’ created by Marcel Gosselin. The bronze shell is forged from nearly 1,600 kg of melted down railway car parts, and depicts the east to west movement of European influence and historical progression of events through 135 unique tools – it encapsulates the history of The Forks National Historic Site.

Barb — Visitor Experience Product Development Officer
Banks of the river

There’s nothing nicer than looking down into the South Saskatchewan River valley with the clouds rolling by up above. While many visitors explore Batoche National Historic Site for its rich history and culture, I love going on a quiet walk along the banks of the river to visit the Caron home.

Adam — Special Events Coordinator