Locations: Grasslands National Park, Motherwell Homestead and Fort Walsh National Historic Sites
Distance: Roundtrip: 1 310 km

Experience the open Prairies in this 7-day itinerary. Travel back in time and see what life was like in the 19th century. Stay overnight in a tipi, and relax as you stargaze in a Dark-Sky Preserve. Discover beautiful wildflowers and some of the rarest wildlife in Canada.

A team of horses pulls a wagon full of visitors past a big red barn.

Day 1

Location: Motherwell Homestead, Abernethy
Distance: 110 km from Regina

Step into the past and see what life in the prairies was like at the end of the 19th century.

Explore the homestead and farm of W.R. Motherwell, see the way crops were harvested and animals were raised back when European settlers first arrived in Saskatchewan. Go for a scenic walk through the fields to reach a beautiful wetland area. Bring along a packed lunch to turn it into a picnic!

Recommended accommodation: Tipi, Rock Creek campground, Grasslands East Block, 390 km from Abernethy

A group of people riding horses in the meadows.

Day 2

Location: Grasslands, East Block

Saddle up and spend the day with a local tour operator to explore the wide open fields of the Grasslands, or take your own horse and experience the solitude of the prairies.At night, gaze up into the sky as you listen to the sound of prairie nights and watch as thousands of stars appear in this Dark Sky Preserve.

Recommended accommodation: Tipi, Rock Creek campground

Two men are seated in front of a tipi.

Day 3

Location: Grasslands, East Block

Hit the trails again, this time on your own 2 feet. Go at your own pace as you take the time to discover the little things that make the prairies so spectacular. Then, take a step back and look at the bigger picture, as you cruise along the Badlands Parkway.

Recommended accommodation: Tipi, Rock Creek campground

A couple observes a herd of bison in the fields.

Day 4

Location: Grasslands, West Block, Val Marie
Distance: 150 km from Wood Mountain

Stop at the visitor centre to learn about the history and importance of the Grasslands. See unearthed arrow heads and run your hand along the hide of a bison.

Spend the afternoon exploring the Ecotour Scenic Drive. Keep an eye out for roaming bison and some of the rarest wildlife in Canada.

Recommended accommodation: oTENTik, Frenchman Valley campground

Two children running up a hill, with their parents following, with the landscape of the West Block of Grasslands National Park in the background.

Day 5

Location: Grasslands, West Block

Venture out into the wild and spend the day following one of the many trails through the region. Stop to smell the wildflowers and listen for the call of prairie dogs as you walk among the windswept prairie grasses.

Recommended accommodation: oTENTik, Frenchman Valley campground

A group of visitors getting ready to go kayaking along the Frenchman River in the West Block of Grasslands National Park.

Day 6

Location: Grasslands, West Block

Explore the Frenchman River up close and personal, taking a guided kayak tour up the winding waterway.

Recommended accommodation: oTENTik, Frenchman Valley campground

Mountie with cannon and family.

Day 7

Location: Fort-Walsh, Maple Creek
Distance: 230 km from Val Marie

Experience life in the frontier: watch a demonstration of North West Mounted Police and their horses before having lunch in the middle of the historic fort. Take a tour of the site where the Cypress Hills Massacre happened, then watch in awe as historic weapons are fired. Enjoy flavours of the past at the cook tent.

Distance: Return to Regina, 430 km

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