7 days : from Saskatoon to Waskesiu

830 km roundtrip

Day 1

Fort Battleford - Battleford, 145 km from Saskatoon

From battlefields and historic tales, to sprawling wilderness and lakeside fun. Take the family on a journey to uncover north and central Saskatchewan!

Discover the stories of the North West Mounted Police, First Nations people, settlers and Métis people during the conflict of 1885.

Day 2

Batoche - Wakaw, 195 km from Battleford

Journey back in time to talk with a 19th century Métis settler about life on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River. Paddle through History! Rent a canoe and paddle the scenic South Saskatchewan River, imagining what it must have been like during the Northwest Resistance of 1885. Savour bannock, stew and more at the Visitor Centre concession.

Day 3

Prince Albert - Waskesiu, 160 km from Wakaw

Grab your bikes and leisurely cycle through the Waskesiu townsite and into the rolling hills and mixedwoods along the Red Deer Trail. Experience the modern exhibits and hands-on learning at the Nature Centre. Borrow a GPS unit to explore the natural and cultural heritage of the park.

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Sleep in your tent, Beaver Glen campground

Day 4

Prince Albert

Explore the Boreal Forest and Aspen Parkland. Borrow an Aquatic or Forest kit from the Nature Centre and head to the Boundary Bog trail. Investigate the critters and plant life that call the black spruce bog home.

Take a drive down the scenic Highway 263 and have your camera ready to capture a bear, fox, or deer along the roadside! Climb the Height-of-Land tower as the sun sets over the mixed forest canopy.

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Sleep in your tent, Beaver Glen campground

Day 5

Prince Albert

Cross Waskesiu Drive for a fun morning at the “Bears on the Beach” playground before your day of discovery begins!

As you follow the trail to the Southend campground, cross the bridge and lookout over the Kingsmere River, walk along the historic rail cart portage and follow the path through the spruce forest.

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Sleep in your tent, Southend campground

Day 6

Prince Albert

Spend a day by the water! The white sands and the small peninsula make Paignton Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in Saskatchewan. Have a paddling adventure in a canoe, kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard.

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Sleep in your tent, Beaver Glen campground

Day 7

The West Side - Stump Lake, 120 km from Waskesiu

Have a picnic at the Valleyview Lookout and enjoy beautiful views of the Sturgeon River Valley.

Perk your ears and listen for the thundering hooves of the plains bison as you hike, bike, or horseback ride along the expanded Valleyview Trail Network.

Return to Saskatoon, 210 km