Iceline trail

The Iceline Trail at Yoho National Park is an all-around favourite of mine. It takes you high up and really close to glaciers on one of the most scenic trails in Canada. It’s a hike to get up there, but once you’ve made the initial climb you can enjoy a long walk with mostly flat terrain and breathtaking vistas.

Alison – Education and Outreach Officer
Legacy pole

Sailing into Windy Bay, seeing the Legacy Pole and traditional Haida Longhouse amongst the old growth cedars and sitka spruce, I love to imagine the people and work it took to raise the pole, and protect Gwaii Haanas.

Natalie – Promotion Officer
Skeleton key

Seeing the antique skeleton key in the Big House at Fort Langley National Historic Site. Just showing it to adults and children alike turns them into wide-eyed, imaginative believers in magic. I usually let them try to lock and unlock one of the doors.

Nette – Heritage Presenter
Burgess shale

Among my personal favourites, the Burgess Shale hike takes you to one of the most scenic locations in Kootenay National Park. It’s a great location in itself with amazing views of Mounts Whymper and Stanley, and you get to learn about 505 million years of history. Right here!

Jacquie – Interpretation Coordinator
Bear Creek falls

The rushing water at beautiful Bear Creek Falls in Glacier National Park reminds me of the transient quality of nature. The water there makes its way through the mountains via the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean.

Amy – Education and Outreach Officer
Winter wonders

My hidden gem is the lower boardwalk at Cave and Basin National Historic Site in winter. Around flowing warm springs, frosty vegetation creates a winter wonderland. In silence, you can hear the sounds of running water flowing into the marsh.

Joanne – Interpretation Coordinator
Bison trails

I enjoy stepping into bison territory and walking in their tracks in Elk Island National Park. Bison trails always lead to something interesting: a pond full of birds, a wonderful view, or even bison themselves!

Lauren – Interpretation Coordinator