Staying the night? We've got you covered.

Tent and RV Camping

  • From $15.70 per night

Stay close to nature at one of our wonderful campsites – at your preferred comfort level.

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Backcountry camping

  • From $9.80 per person per night

The ultimate in overnight adventure: just you, your tent and the great outdoors, far from the beaten path.

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  • From $100 per night

The perfect mix of tent and A-frame cabin comes together in our oTENTik with its raised floors and cosy beds; great for campers who want a little extra comfort in the wild.

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  • From $14.70 per person per night

Cottage life at its best with a rustic home-away-from-home in the woods. Sweet dreams for 2-12 happy campers.

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  • From $70 per night

Get super-cosy in a MicrOcube, the designer way to score a window over the wilderness, while sleeping with a roof over your head and a floor beneath your feet.

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Historic stay

  • From $58.80 per person per night

Immerse yourself in one of Canada’s national treasures with a very special overnight stay in truly historic surroundings.

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Equipped camping

  • From $70 per night

No gear? No problem! Now you can rent the whole kit and caboodle thanks to our partnership with MEC in an equipped campsite. Ideal for stress-free vacays and those who want to travel light.

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