If your organization is interested in our staff delivering a Learn-to Camp workshop, please refer to the ‘Contact us’ section .

The Parks Canada Learn-to Camp program equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident planning and carrying out your first camping adventure. In the Vancouver region, we typically offer three ways you can get your first taste of camping or enhance your skills and take your camping experience to a new level. If your organization is interested in our staff delivering a virtual Learn-to Camp workshop, please refer to the ‘Contact us’  section.

Pop-up activities

Free drop-in sessions from June to August at Mt. Seymour, and Lynn Headwaters, which are two popular trailheads near the Lower Mainland. We introduce participants to Parks Canada and camping in the great outdoors, and provide information on outdoor safety.


Free in-person workshops to help participants acquire basic camping skills and learn about outdoor activities. Registration is required and the latest COVID-19 safety recommendations will be followed.

Program schedule

If your organization is interested in our staff delivering a virtual Learn-to Camp workshop, please refer to the ‘Contact us’ section .

Workshop descriptions - Contact for current availability 

Trip Planning 101 (45 minutes)

Program Description: Join Parks Canada’s Learn-to Camp team for a family-friendly program to learn all about planning your next outdoor adventure! This program includes guidance on how to decide what kind of camping experience is right for you, how to book a campsite, packing the essentials for a day trip and how to write a trip plan. Making sure to plan ahead before any trip will help you feel confident and comfortable spending time in nature! 

Hey Ho, Away We Go: How to Pack for Your Next Car Camping Trip (45 minutes)

Program Description: Discover how easy and enjoyable camping can be!  Parks Canada’s Learn-to Camp team will guide you on packing necessities for a front-country camping experience. This family-friendly program will teach you everything you need to pack so you will feel prepared for the trip ahead; including how to pack a cooler, how to layer your clothing, and safety measures for storing food and scented items. 

Keeping the WILD in WILDerness : Leave No Trace on Your Next Outdoor Adventure (45 minutes)

Program Description: You may have heard the saying “Take only photos, leave only footprints”, in this 40-minute program our Parks Canada Learn-to Camp team will explore why this concept is so important. Leave No Trace Principles are a set of guidelines to help protect and preserve the places we recreate in. When we go on an outdoor adventure, we are visiting the homes of many plants and animals. It is very important that we respect these places, so that nature can thrive and we can come back and enjoy these special places for years to come! 

Animal Aware (1 hour) 

Program Description: An amazing part of spending time in nature is seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. Parks Canada’s Learn-to Camp team will provide tips on how to safely view animals while keeping a respectful distance. 

Contact us

For more information on the Learn to Camp program, or if your organization is interested in hosting a workshop or event, please email the Learn-to Camp Coordinator.

See what it’s all about

Take a look at some of our past Learn-to Camp events!

Interested in embarking on your first camping trip but don’t know where to begin? Parks Canada's Learn to Camp team has you covered!

In March 2019, the Vancouver Learn-to Camp team hosted a winter camping trip in Mount Seymour Provincial Park. Check out all the fun they had, and think about signing up for a future event!


After you learn to camp

After attending a Learn-to Camp event, you will be comfortable camping on your own. Parks Canada has many options for those who wish to begin planning their next experience.

Accommodation at Parks Canada

From rustic to all-inclusive.

Parks Canada Reservation Service

Reserve. Relax. Experience.


Mountain Equipment Company is our national partner and is participating at Parks Canada places from coast to coast! Staff will be on-site with tricks and tools for an even more delicious camping experience.