We are improving your hot springs!

From September 5th, 2017 until October 5th, 2017, water from the hot springs will be diverted into the swimming pool (known as the "cool pool"), while work is completed on retaining wall directly above the shallow soaking pool (known as the "hot pool"). There will be no "cool pool" during this time.

Construction is underway at Radium Hot Springs.

The pedestrian access ramp, stairs and small parking lot are currently closed due to concerns over the structural integrity of the pedestrian access ramp. There is no disabled access to the site at this time.

Redstreak Campground trail is now open from Redstreak Campground to the Radium Hot Springs pools.

The sidewalk in Sinclair Canyon remains closed to pedestrians.

Radium Hot Springs pool, located in British Columbia’s Kootenay National Park, features Canada’s biggest hot springs pool and offers something for all the family to enjoy, including a cooler swimming pool (27°C, 84°F).

Whether you are visiting the local Radium golf courses, skiing or snowboarding at Panorama Ski Resort, or just passing through Kootenay National Park, the Radium Hot Springs are a unique thing to do and not to be missed!

The mineral water of Radium Hot Springs is uniquely odourless and clear, making this hot springs perfect for a relaxing soak.

Radium Hot Springs is featured on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

Top five minerals

The top five minerals found in the Radium Hot Springs are:

  • Sulphate 302 mg/l
  • Calcium 135 mg/l
  • Bicarbonate 100.8 mg/l
  • Silica 31.8 mg/l
  • Magnesium 31.6 mg/l

Water temperature is kept between 37 and 40 ºC (98 and 104 ºF).

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