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There are so many tasty activities to devour in Parks Canada places! Awaken your taste buds with cowboy coffee around the campfire or fancy afternoon tea in the official residence of two former prime ministers. Head into the wild with knowledgeable guides to uncover edible treasures in the forest or cook up an ocean-fresh lobster on the beach. Indulge in a taste of Canada’s history in a fun workshop learning about Acadian fring frang or even Fortress of Louisburg rum. Start making plans and reserve your spot to get a taste of something delicious today!

Nature is delicious!

Fruit picking

Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, British Columbia

Two campers at the orchard at Shingle Bay campground on Pender Island

Choose from 17 lovely orchards across the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve to gather fruits and nuts— following in the footsteps of the European settlers dating back to the 1830s. Scattered across the southern Gulf Islands, many of these orchards connect us back to the original settlers where their farming practices linked into the local economy. On North Pender Island, explore the lush Roesland Orchard, planted in 1910 by Scottish immigrant Robert Roe Sr. Discover the Mahoi Orchard on Russell Island and taste the sweet apples and cherries from the garden of Hawaiian settlers, William Haumea and the Fisher family. Follow the rules of considerate and sustainable harvesting and enjoy the taste of sweet heritage fruit!

Incredible edible ocean

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

Lobster picnic at Hueston Brook.

Join a knowledgeable Parks Canada interpreter and take a walk through Fundy National Park to discover culinary treasures that lie hidden in plain sight in the incredible edible ocean! Take part in a Maritime tradition as old as time and surprise your taste buds with edible roots, shoots, berries and fungi.

From forest to sea, stroll the ocean floor and marvel at the diversity of edible treasures at the Bay of Fundy. From the beautiful salt marsh to the busy wharf, you’ll sample some well-known and the more unique wild ocean eats. Bring an adventurous palate and come foraging with Parks Canada’s culinary interpreters. Reservations essential!

Learn to lobster boil

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

A park interpreter plays the fiddle and shares tunes to visitors participating in the Learn-to-Lobster Boil program at La Bloc, on the beach.

Watch the sun set over the Gulf of St Lawrence and join fellow crustacean lovers as you eat fresh-boiled lobster by the sea. Discover the natural and cultural history of Nova Scotia’s lobster fishing industry from your knowledgeable Parks Canada guide, as well as its ties to Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Learn all about lobster biology, how lobster traps work, how the lobster fishing industry has evolved, and how Parks Canada is working to protect the crustaceans’ natural habitat. After you become an expert, learn how to cook and open a lobster and dive right in! Served with a mixed greens salad and fresh-baked rolls from a local bakery, finish off your delicious meal with tea, cookies and conversation! Reservations essential!

Time for tea or cowboy coffee

Sweet picnic tea on the verandah

Laurier House National Historic Site, Ontario

Afternoon tea on the veranda:  teapot, cups and jars of jam.

Indulge in a gentle afternoon of sweet picnic tea on the picturesque verandah of Laurier House. Pick your favourite tea blend and pair it with a basket of fresh-baked treats such as an orange-berry madeleine, brown butter glazed shortbread cookies or chamomile biscuit rolls. Make the most of your historical experience and envision yourself as one of the many dignitaries and politicians who enjoyed this tradition during the residence Prime Ministers; Sir Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Summer teas at the superintendent’s residence

Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site, Ontario

A group of visitors takes the tea on the veranda at the Superintendent’s Residence.

Step back to 1895 and come for tea at the historic and well-appointed Superintendent’s Residence. Visitors are welcome to enjoy three different tea experiences.

Relax on the verandah and enjoy tea or coffee with tasty treats, as you watch boats pass through the historic Sault Ste. Marie Canal. Reserve your ticket to Heritage Tea with Parks interpreters in historic costume, period music, and a full lunch menu. Or, indulge in the fanciest of High Teas, dress in your Sunday best, and enjoy live entertainment and a gourmet lunch served by costumed interpreters. Reservations essential!

4 o’clock tea

Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site, Quebec

Two girls are having tea with characters.

At 4 o’clock in the 1830’s, everything stopped for tea! Join the Captain or his Lady at the Dauphine Redoubt, in the Artillery Park to take part in this delicious 19th century English tradition.

In the heart of Quebec City amidst the fortifications where endless battles between the British and French raged on, take a moment of peace and learn the delicate art of proper English tea according to 19th century etiquette.

Cowboy coffee

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site, Alberta

A Parks Canada interpreter pours cowboy coffee for two young women at roundup camp.

Take a walk over Pekisko Creek into the shade of the Cottonwood Trees and imagine what this vast ranch would have been like in 1891 when Harry Longabaugh AKA the Sundance Kid worked here as a horse breaker.

Sip on cowboy coffee at the Roundup Camp as the smoke from the campfire curls lazily into the air, and hear tales of how Edward, Prince of Wales visited in 1919 and loved it so much he bought the ranch next door.

Cowboy coffee

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

A group of visitors enjoying some campfire coffee at the Frenchman Valley campground.

Join your neighbours from over the hills and far away at West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground and East Block, Rock Creek Campground! Set the pace for a sociable relaxed morning enjoying a cup of delicious brewed-over-the-campfire cowboy coffee – strong and memorable! Soak up the history in this beautiful national park from dinosaur bones and tipi rings to prairie homesteads on the horizon.

Take a workshop

Pemmican tasting

Elk Island National Park, Alberta

Visitors prepare pemmican at a program offered at the Astotin Lake Day Use Area.

Easy to carry and packed with energy-giving calories, fat and protein; pemmican was a staple for Indigenous communities across North America for countless generations and also played a major role in the fur trade for the Voyageurs. Learn more about the ‘power bar of the prairies’ around the fire near Astotin Lake playground. Join Parks Canada interpreters in this fun drop-in session for a taste of history!

Bannock making

Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, Alberta

Two young adults with a costumed animator in Métis clothing of the fur trade era are being offered warm bannock at the camp.

Sign up for a workshop to learn more about a delicious staple of Indigenous culinary culture, fluffy, open fire-cooked, bannock bread!

As the bread cooks over the fire, let your imagination travel back to the early 1800s when the North West and Hudson’s Bay companies set up rival forts at this significant place where the North Saskatchewan and the Clearwater Rivers meet. Envision the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and the First Nations and Métis traders who came here and broke campfire-cooked bannock with early settlers.

Bannock and chocolate

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site, Manitoba

Young visitors take a bite of freshly-baked bannock in the Bake House.

Gather around the open fire, surrounded by Canada’s oldest collection of stone fur trade buildings where trappers and traders of the Hudson’s Bay Company once gathered in the 1850s.

Learn to make tasty bannock bread, or discover the art of grinding grain by the quern— a stone hand mill to make flour, then as your bannock cooks try your hand at churning butter.

From bread to chocolate, take in a fun workshop to discover the delicious history of chocolate and the fur trade! Work together with your knowledgeable Parks Canada guide to prepare a heritage hot chocolate recipe and enjoy the sweet rewards of your labour.

Acadian Fring Frang

Grand-Pré National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

Young adults sitting at a table prepare a traditional dish.

Taste the resilience of the Acadian people in a fun and educational workshop learning how to make the traditional, mouth-watering Acadian potato dish, Fring Frang. Hear stories of le grand dérangement and Longfellow’s epic poem, Evangeline. Discover why Peruvian potatoes became an Acadian kitchen staple and then get hands-on in the outdoor kitchen surrounded by grape vines! Grate your potatoes, slather them in butter or oil, then watch them sizzle on the grill…history tastes amazing! Reservations recommended.

Say cheers to spirited adventures!

Wasagaming on Edge: drinks, debauchery, and the dirty thirties

Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

A young woman throws an ax at bottles of beer.

Make your way to Manitoba and reserve your place on a fascinating tour of Wasagaming and travel back in time to the ‘Dirty Thirties’! Listen to stories of drinks, debauchery, exploitation and Nazis uncovering the hidden history of Riding Mountain National Park. Participants must be 18 years or older, the evening ends with a selection of local brews. Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes, you’ll be in the great outdoors! Reservations essential.

Savour the Adventures

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

Visitors on a 10-person voyageur canoe enjoying a refreshment.

Raise your glass to Kejimkujik’s wilderness! Discover savory adventures catered to adults aged 19 and over. Take part in exclusive experiences that take you further into the heart of Kejimkujik. Routes and destinations, paired with food and alcohol, have been selected to inspire, transform, and rejuvenate you! Choose the adventure that speaks to you or sign up for all of them.

Rum: The spirit of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

Four visitors toast with rum during a special program held in a period tavern with two costumed animators representing a servant and a soldier.

Discover the taste and intoxicating aroma of Fortress™ Rum and hear the story of this sugar cane-based spirit and its links to colonial 18th-century Louisbourg. Sample an authentic Rum Punch recipe and learn how sugar cane—and its alcoholic offshoot—influenced trade, shipping, and slavery in colonial North America. Taste Fortress™ Rum, distilled by the Authentic Seacoast Company in partnership with Parks Canada, a signature edition rum that is aged in oak barrels at the Fortress of Louisbourg. Cheers! You must be 19 years of age or older to partake in this experience.

The taste of Nova Scotia good cheer trail

Port-Royal National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

A guide interpreter in period costume speaks with visitors.

In 1606, Samuel de Champlain started the 'Order of Good Cheer’ social club at the Habitation, the site of the first attempt at a permanent European settlement in the New World. Stop off at Port-Royal and pick up a Taste of Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail Passport and start your spirited tribute to de Champlain’s love of food and wine and tour Canada’s first winery, craft brewery, cidery and distillery trail, that celebrates a long tradition of hospitality and pride for the bounty of Nova Scotia.

Champagne or wassail

Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site, Quebec

Visitors are sitting around a fireplace in the courtyard of Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site.

Looking for a touch of class this Holiday season? Be charmed by the elegant Victorian décor and ambient music featuring miniature fir trees and handmade cards! Sample a sweet typical 19th century champagne during a history presentation or enjoy a hot, old-fashioned drink next to the fireplace. Taste wassail, a hot mulled English drink or the new Victorian Christmas tea, specially created for the historic site.

Historic bites!

Métis harvest celebration and corn roast

Riel House National Historic Site, Manitoba

Two girls sit at a table to eat an ear of corn.

Celebrate the year’s harvest with live music, family-friendly activities and games, interactive heritage demonstrations, and delicious feasts of corn and bannock. Learn more about the life of Louis Riel and his epic struggle to protect the social, culture and political status of his fellow Métis after the Hudson’s Bay Company sold Rupert’s Land to the Dominion of Canada. Hear how this turbulent time in history gave birth to the province of Manitoba.

Dining at the Fortress of Louisbourg

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Nova Scotia

Visitors sit at a table in a room at Grandchamp House. Characters in period costume do the animation and the service.

Get a taste of the 18th century and choose from two period restaurants dishing up rib-sticking authentic dishes that French soldiers would have eaten back when the sound of canon firing and harpsichord playing echoed around the walls. Both Grandchamp House and Hôtel de la Marine serve up a traditional soldier’s meal with tasty dishes such as pea soup, beef stew, fish, and meat pies where everything is eaten with just one large spoon!

Soldier’s beef stew

Fort Malden National Historic Site, Ontario

Young people sit at a table in a room at the historic site and enjoy a bowl of stew.

Head to the cookhouse for a hearty bowl of beef stew with a chunk of fresh-baked bread just like the soldiers at Fort Malden did during the Rebellions of 1837-1838. Join Parks Canada interpreters to learn more about the longest American occupation on Canadian soil, and the historic meeting between Major General Sir Isaac Brock and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh during the War of 1812.

Officers’ Kitchen

Fort George National Historic Site, Ontario

Costumed employees prepare food in the kitchen by the fire.

Stop by the Officers’ kitchen for a chat and a taste of early Niagara’s culinary history. Here, the staff is at work to bring culinary history to life! Learn about the life of servants who prepared food to be served to the Officers living at Fort George. Taste the fortunate life of officers who enjoyed a more varied and nutritious diet than the soldiers and non-commissioned officers: wild fish and game, and imported luxuries such as sugar, coffee, tea, chocolate and fine wines.

Victorian Christmas

Fortifications of Québec National Historic Site, Quebec

A Lieutenant-Colonel and his lady enjoy a cup of tea in the anti-chamber of Dauphine Redoubt.

Dive into the past in 1845 at the Dauphine Redoubt and experience the magic of Christmas in the Victorian era. Taste the flavours of yesteryear; hot spicy cider, hot chocolate, tea, scones, eggnog and plum pudding! All newly restored, the redoubt is an authentic barrack dating back to 1712, the second oldest military building in Canada. Learning Canada’s history is delicious!

The Perfect Picnic

Friends enjoying a picnic on the sandstone rocks near Cavendish on a summer day.

Because everything tastes better when you eat it outside! Enjoy Parks Canada’s twist on take-out and let nature design your dining space with the Perfect Picnic; a pick-up-and-go lunch for two, packaged in a Parks Canada picnic box provided by local businesses. it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Place your order with the restaurant
  2. Pick up your lunch
  3. Find your perfect picnic place in and enjoy!

Available at the following locations

Prince Edward Island National Park, Prince Edward Island
Pair delicious local food with breathtaking scenery. Order from a Farm to Table Catering Service who source seasonal foods from organic farmers, markets, fishers and foragers, and offer vegan and gluten-free picnic items.
Kejimkujik National Park and Kejimkujik National Park Seaside, Nova Scotia
Be dazzled by soft, sandy beaches, turquoise water, the bright blue sky and thousands of wildflowers—add yourself and bon appétit! Your eyes will feast as well as your taste buds! Choose from different restaurants and menus.
Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia
Let the highlands, beaches, lakes, waterfalls and forests set the scene and find your perfect picnic place. Choose from a trio of local restaurants offering special Parks Canada Perfect Picnic menus, with optional add-ons of blankets and baskets, then choose from one of our ten recommended perfect picnic places, or find your own!
Fort Anne National Historic Site, Nova Scotia
Port-Royal National Historic Site, Nova Scotia
Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, Nova Scotia


The ingredients to prepare HERITAGE Chocolate.

Learn how everyone’s favourite treat made its way into North America and sample how chocolate tasted in the past at these national historic sites.

Vintage recipes

The ingredients and kitchen tools for making bannock.

Experience gourmet heritage at home! Choose from more than 60 vintage recipes adapted to contemporary cuisine or have a peek inside Woodside National Historic Site's kitchen. Embark on a culinary adventure while discovering Parks Canada places! Who knew history could taste this good?

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