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Whether you’re looking for adventure, fun for the whole family, or a break from the everyday, Parks Canada has 450 000 km² of protected areas with countless unique experiences to suit your needs.

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Video opens with majestic shots of Canadian scenery; a deep valley, dolphins splashing, forests and mountains.

The video then cuts to a campfire in the night and an indigenous man coming in and out of focus between the flames.

Montage of visitors enjoying summer and winter activities such as hiking and snowshoeing.

Shots of conservation examples, such as planting trees and moose in the fields. The video then cuts back to visitors enjoying nature implying joint conservation and enjoyment.

Animated title sequence: "450 000 km² of Memories" flashes across the screen.

Shot of someone ice climbing, camera pans out to show the steepness of the cliff. Cut to a series of point of view shots including looking out of a tent and looking out of a car windshield while driving down the highway.

Parks Canada Beaver logo flashes across the screen as children in the background splash around in water.

Shots of historic buildings in winter and summer.

Montage of a couple taking photos in the winter with mountains in the background.

Cut to point of view shots of mountain biking and cross country skiing followed by a series of shots of visitors enjoying food.

Finally, video flashes between shots of animals and visitors enjoying themselves. End Title Screen: “Discover. Connect. Protect.”

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