I am Parka, the proud founder of Club Parka! With my activities, I encourage you to explore, discover, learn and have fun! Some activities are for you to do on your own, and others you can do with your family and friends.

Activities to do by yourself

You can download some of the activities in my Club Parka booklet on the following links. For more activities, ask for my booklet at participating Parks Canada locations.

Maze activity where kids need to help Parka find her friend
Parka's Path
(PDF, 430 K)
Exploration activity where kids find and draw objects of a specific colour in their environment
Colours in Nature
(PDF, 239 K)
Observation activity where kids determine the appropriate items needed for today's weather
Weather Wiz
(PDF, 387 K)
Observation activity where kids find the differences in pictures
Odd One Out
(PDF, 1.11 MB)

Activities to do with your family

Do you like to explore, make crafts, or bake with your family and friends? These activities are for you!