Hey #Parkslife!

Our heads are full, our hearts are open and we are jumping in this summer loaded with enthusiasm! What an honor to be part of the 10th cohort of the Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors program and to join this collective of youth whose main goal is to experience and share our common nature, culture and treasures.

Creation, sharing and inspiration will be our ambitions this summer. Despite the mountains, lakes and forests that separate us, the feeling of closeness that brings us together could not be stronger. Join us so that together we can discover, meet and explore.

Mahnoor, Catherine and Fawn,
2021/22 Youth Ambassadors
#ParksLife #ParksSmart

Catherine Gingras
Youth Ambassador Catherine
Catherine Gingras
Lorraine, QC
University of Ottawa - Marketing

Hey you!

My name is Catherine, I am 18 years old, I am from Lorraine in Quebec and I am one of the youngest in the history of the youth ambassadors! However, my age does not mean inexperience, on the contrary. I have seen a lot of our country and that is why I am excited to share my stories with you and create new ones.

I am currently completing a bachelor's degree in marketing at the University of Ottawa, where I get involved in campus life by organizing entrepreneurial events and creating social enterprises. When I have free time, I enjoy taking photos, reading, playing the piano and skiing!

Interesting fact: I've never been on a plane in my life! But, when I was 11, my parents decided to leave Quebec to travel across Canada with a camper to live for a year in Revelstoke, British Columbia. This is really where I started to understand how lucky we were to have so many beautiful landscapes in Canada and how important it was to conserve them (and since then I have had a huge crush on Parka)! I love discovering our country and sharing my knowledge: being a Parks Canada Youth ambassador suits my curious nature perfectly!

Hope to see you this summer, somewhere in Canada ... or at home on my screen, crossing my fingers to be able to travel soon!

Fawn Logan-Young
Youth Ambassador Fawn
Fawn Logan-Young
Meaghers Grant, NS
University of Ottawa – Social Sciences

Hey Folx,

My name is Fawn (yes, like a baby deer). I am currently studying Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa, with hopes to major in Political Science and minor in Gender Studies or Cultural Anthropology. When I am not writing, or grumbling about politics, I am either getting lost in the woods, looking up a new recipe to try out for dinner, or trying to keep up with the latest meme culture.

Before I leave this beautiful planet, I hope to see the natural beauty Canada’s provinces and territories have to offer. I have the territories, Saskatchewan and Manitoba left on my list with goals of seeing the Northern Lights in a post-COVID future. I might be bias because I am from Nova Scotia and have family there, but Cape Breton Island is still my number one destination in Canada. Thus far, that is.

Now that the ice is broken, let’s get a little more personal. Beyond my name, nature is a part of who I am. The physical, the mental, and the spiritual benefits nature has offered me has fuelled my passion to work within the outdoor sector to promote these advantages to others. After a few years of working in the sector, however, I realized that there is a need for more tangible inclusion and diversity work within such spaces in Canada. Having the opportunity to be a youth ambassador for Parks Canada is a dream come true for me. With this privilege, I hope to use this opportunity to amplify the voices and visibility of youth who are ready to be heard and seen!

I am ecstatic to absorb more knowledge about Canada’s history through Parks and answer a lifelong question: What makes Canadians feel Canadian? I anticipate a lot of listening and reflection throughout my time as a Parks Canada Youth Ambassador. With all that said, I will be sure to let you know what I find!

Until then, Canada.

Mahnoor Hussain
Youth Ambassador Mahnoor
Mahnoor Hussain
Pickering, ON
Ryerson University – Public Health and Safety

Hello/Bonjour Canada!

My name is Mahnoor and I am back for the third year working as a student with Parks Canada! I am currently a student at Ryerson University and am going into my 4th year of the Public Health and Safety program this upcoming fall. With the big turn of events in the last year or so, it has been a very interesting virtual experience! Although I study right in between the busy city hustle, I live with my family in the quiet suburbs of Pickering, Ontario. My love for the outdoors began on the salty beaches and warm weather picnics as a kid when my family was previously living in Jacksonville, Florida before moving to Canada in 2007. Within the next few years, I am hoping to take my knowledge in public health and make connections between human health and the environment. In my free time I love to kayak along the Rouge River and have movie nights with my family.

The opportunity to be this year’s Parks Canada Youth Ambassador is a privilege. I am hoping to reach out to thousands of youth across Canada and share my experiences, all while trying to shatter any barriers between people and green spaces. It is important to me that I take all the opportunities I get and make the most of them. These moments are most valuable when they can be shared with others. This year, I am thrilled to be sharing them with all of you!