We inspire Canadian youth from all backgrounds to discover the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of Canada.

We find creative ways to inspire a love of nature and culture as we present some of the coolest Parks Canada projects. By linking networks, creating digital content and using social media platforms, we ensure you get the best of Parks Canada!

What do the last Youth Ambassadors have to say about the job?

This job will change the way you see protection and conservation, and will give you the experience and opportunity to create waves of positive change. Working as a youth ambassador allowed me to inspire Canadians to get outdoors and connect with nature, perhaps when they needed it most… talk about job gratification!

Being a youth ambassador not only allows you to engage with youth across Canada, but also engages yourself in Parks Canada’s work. This job is for the conversation-starters, change-makers, and conservation-enthusiasts.

Blake Correia

I don’t even know where to begin when describing this amazing job! When I was applying, I would have never expected to finish the summer with so many incredible memories, friendships, and valuable lessons learned. This year was not what anyone expected however, I was still able to share my passion for the outdoors, spread the Youth Ambassador mandate, and meet some incredible people along the way. Despite the fact that we couldn't physically witness the impact we were having, our creativity allowed us to take this job to the next level and engage with youth across Canada in so many special ways. This job is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and an experience like no other! If you could see yourself being a youth ambassador for one of the most special agencies in our country, APPLY! I promise it will be an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Anna Kobylansky

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