We want to continue to expand our Parks Canada Campus Club Network and we need your leadership, your energy and your spirit! Each year, student volunteers are recruited as campus club leaders. We are looking for dynamic student leaders who are passionate about Canada's natural and cultural heritage and are seeking an opportunity to build or gain leadership skills. At the end of your academic year, you will also receive a Parks Canada Volunteer Certificate to recognize your involvement with us!

How to get involved?

Just send all the following information to pc.campus.pc@canada.ca:

  • Your picture (portrait format), so that we can introduce you to our internal network.
  • 3-5 lines max about you: why you would like to start a Campus Club at your school; if you have you ever worked for Parks Canada, tell us where and what your role was; which school you are attending; your field of study; and a funny thing about you!

Apply anytime! Official recruitment begins during the month of July each year, to ensure that the process is completed before the start of the academic year. However, we are always interested in hearing from potential future leaders!

What does a Campus Club leader do?

As a campus club leader you will have a few key responsibilities which include:

  • Establishing a new campus club and organizing activities in and around campus.
  • Serving as the main contact for the Parks Canada Campus Club Network and activities coordinator for your club.
  • Leading fundraising to help support your campus club activities
  • Managing campus club finances
  • Liaising with your local student association
  • Selecting dates and locations to host 2 outings per year, working in cooperation with the chosen site (Parks Canada contact person, the community or any other outdoor places)
    • One activity (camping, hiking, canoeing, skiing, visiting a historic site, delivering speeches or presentations)
    • One local conservation effort (river or campus cleanup, trail work, volunteering at a historic site)
  • Organizing informal activities on a regular basis and having a strong presence on Parks Canada social media channels
  • Networking with other campus social organizations to create awareness of your club
  • Promoting club activities to the broader student population
  • Informing fellow students about amazing volunteer and job opportunities within Parks Canada
  • Providing feedback to the Parks Canada Youth Engagement Team.

Since the campus club leader is a volunteer role, we depend on their motivation, their organizational ability and commitment to the club and its members.

What do Campus Club leaders gain?

As a Campus Club leader, you stand to gain:

  • Valuable leadership, organizational skills and experience
  • Add the Parks Canada Volunteer Certificate to your C.V.
  • Strengthen your professional networks within Parks Canada and your post-secondary institution
  • Plan and participate in your own activities
  • Share your passion
  • Make a difference by inspiring your generation to connect with and protect national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas for the future
  • Make new friends and have fun!
How does Parks Canada support Campus Clubs?
  • Supports the planning of club activities (outings and local conservation efforts)
  • Development of standardized promotional material for the network
  • Development of a "step by step" toolkit to support new leaders in establishing their club
  • Management of the Campus Club webpage on the Parks Canada website
  • We are developing a pilot project of Learn-to-Camp activities that could be offered as a program (half-day and/or full-day) to campus clubs members, either on campus or in a park or historic site.
  • We will be offering some youth developed sightseeing or experience itineraries for campus clubs to use in collaboration with field units.

The campus club network initiative is in its third year. We want to strengthen the support offered to our leaders and also enhance it by sharing best practices and lessons learned. We have created a private Facebook group to facilitate discussions and develop a framework based on real and tangible needs.

How does a Campus Club leader obtain “Official Club Status”?

Every post-secondary institution has a Students' Association. To be recognised as an official club at your campus, the club leader must contact the Students' Association and inquire about the process for registering their campus club (contact information can be found at any university or college official website). The Students' Association will provide the necessary information regarding rules, regulations and restrictions that may apply, as well as the relevant form(s) that must be completed. Student Association membership or recognition can also have its benefits, and member clubs may be entitled to the use of campus meetings rooms and facilities, club participation in special events/activities on campus, and even access to some funding to support club activities, among other things.

What are the requirements?
  • Full-time or part-time student at a post-secondary institution in Canada
  • Passionate about Canada's protected places
  • Strong leadership skills, organizational and time management skills
  • Creative and innovative, able to engage young adults both locally and beyond
  • Able to create and expand social networks