Learn-to Camp overnight experiences introduce you and your camping party to the basics of camping in Canada’s beautiful natural settings. Overnight experiences happen at safe and fun locations; and vary in offer based on the site (please see links below for more specific information). You’ll learn camping skills like how to set up a tent, light up a campfire or cook outdoors. Book your experience in advance!

Calendar of events 2021

Calendar of events 2021
Site name Province Dates Registration open on For More Information
Gulf Islands National Park Reserve British Columbia Friday and Saturday nights from June 25th to August 21st May 10th Camping at Gulf Islands
Prince Edward Island National Park Prince Edward Island Friday nights from July 2nd to September 3rd June 8th Camping at Prince Edward Island


Call 1-844-365-2646 to register.

The registration line is open from 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Monday to Friday.

Registration fees vary depending on programming and provided services.

Learn-to Camp

The functionality and content of the Learn-to Camp app can now be found in the Parks Canada National app. Download it today!

A for Adventure Videos

Thanks to A for Adventure, one of Parks Canada’s proud Learn-to Camp program collaborators, for capturing these special moments in their series of videos.

Watch them on YouTube

A for Adventure is all about inspiring people to get outside and explore the world around them.

Join us for #LearntoCamp!


A series of vignettes showing families participating in Learn-to Camp activities, including tent workshops, campfire programming, camp cooking demonstrations and various recreational activities.

The ‘Learn to Camp’ program is offered at many National Parks and National Historic Sites throughout Canada.

In collaboration with MEC, alongside many community partners,

this program brings to life the essence of what makes our land and parks so spectacular.


All the basics of camping are covered in an inclusive, safe and FUN way

while leaving plenty of time for lots of exploring, playing and connecting around the campfire!



While the aim of ‘Learn-to Camp’ is to provide the opportunity to learn the fundamentals,

you’ll leave captivated by these incredible places, history and stories of this land and all the people who call it home.

For your chance to experience Learn to camp, come join us this summer… we’ll have the S’mores waiting!

[sound of fire crackling]