2018 Discover Canada Contest
Kayaking in Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Enter for a chance to win an unforgettable 7 day trip for four to Canada’s West Coast, MEC gift cards, CIBC prepaid VISA cards, Parks Canada merchandise and more!

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2018 Discover Canada Contest

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A plane flies in the sky

Title: You + 3

Title: Family or friends?

A man packs his suitcase

Title: 7 days / 6 nights, Air Canada Flights, $4000 CIBC VISA card, $1500 in MEC gear

Title: Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Title: Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

Title: Fort Langley National Historic Site

Title: Fort Rodd Hill National Historic Site

Title: What's the plan?

Series of quick images showing various activities

Title: Learn to surf

A surfer heads out into the ocean

Title: Explore the rainforest

A boardwalk with lush vegetation

Title: Whale watch

A whale comes up to the surface for air

Title: Paddle to this spot

Two kayakers in a cove

Title: Get behing the scenes

A Parks Canada employe holds up a clam


Title: ENTER ONLINE AT parkscanada.gc.ca

Title: Discover Canada Contest

Canada's Coolest School Trip

An annual contest that encourages students to enter for the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for their entire class to Parks Canada places.

To enter this year, students in grade 7, 8 and 9 (secondary 1, 2 and 3) must create a five-photo essay about an environmental, historical or cultural stewardship activity that they participated in. The grand prize is a trip to Parks Canada places in Ontario, including Thousand Islands National Park, Laurier House National Historic Site, the Rideau Canal National Historic Site and Fort Wellington National Historic Site.

Proud contest partner:

logo Air Canada

Canada's Coolest School Trip 2018


[Opening My Parks Pass Screen, with music]

[Image shows My Parks Pass logo, with various cartoon-style logos representing different national parks and national historic sites in the background. Video then begins by panning right to left over a view of water dotted with islands covered in trees. Land covered in green forest is visible in the background, and the trees fade into the distance. ]

[Video of a group of youth standing and swimming in water, with a view of forest in the background. Video then cuts to students kayaking in a group alongside an island while passing the camera.]

Text: What if this could be your classroom for one week?

[Video shows students walking through the gate of a fort towards the camera wheeling suitcases behind them. A coach bus is visible in the background.]

Text: We want you and your entire class to…

Camera pans behind students who are standing at a lookout overlooking a shallow waterfall and forest. Video then cuts to an aerial view of the Ottawa locks on the Rideau Canal. There are many tourists standing along the edge of the canal, taking photos and looking at the view. The Canadian Parliament buildings can be seen on the edge of the frame.

Text: …be inspired by nature

[Five costumed soldiers load a cannon pointed directly at the camera. The interior of a fort is seen in the background.]

Text: …experience history like never before

[Video shows teenage-aged students inside a school bus. The students are talking and laughing, and taking photos. Most of the students are wearing neon-green rimmed sunglasses. Video cuts to three students shaking out a tent on a grassy area. There are green trees in the background, and more students can be seen in the background with more tenting equipment. Video cuts to a view inside of a tent, where three students are unrolling sleeping mats. Camera zooms out, and another tent and more students can be seen.]

Text: …and make memories that you will never forget at…

[Video shows three teenage-aged students running from the beach into a body of water, swimming and splashing each other in the water when they get off shore. ] Video then shows a sunset over a body of water, with marshland in the foreground and forest in the distance. A tree overhangs in the centre of video and the sunset shines through it. Video cuts to a single tent illuminated against a starry dark night sky. Tall trees appear black and frame the night sky. The time-lapse video makes it look as if stars as moving across the sky. Video cuts to a close-up view of a tree branch gently moving against a blurred sky in the background.

Text: Parks Canada places in Ontario

[Video shows an Air Canada jet flying over mountainous terrain. The jet flies straight before it gently banks to the right.]

Text: Enter Canada’s Coolest School Trip contest and this could be you!

[Video pans over a group of excited teenage-aged students, waving their hands at the camera. The Parks Canada mascot, Parka, stands on one end with the students. Four students kneeling in front of the group are holding an Air Canada sign. A My Parks Pass stand-up banner is to the right of the students.[

Text: What are you waiting for?

Closing My Parks Pass URL: www.myparkspass.ca

[Images show the logos for Parks Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Canadian Geographic Education, Historica Canada, and Air Canada, against a white background. Myparkspass.ca appears quickly typed onto the centre of this image and "Enter here" appears on the top left of the words, with an arrow pointing towards the url. "Know the past. Enjoy the present. Protect the future." then appears at once under the URL and the video ends.]