Helicopters, fixed-wing aeroplanes, UAVs/drones and other aircraft can have a negative impact on wildlife, visitors, and Indigenous People using the land. Please observe the following to minimize your impact while flying in and near national parks and historic sites.

Respect for others

Any conduct that unreasonably disturbs other persons or interferes with their enjoyment of Canada`s national parks and historic sites is unlawful.

  • The presence of aircraft can negatively impact Indigenous harvesting activities and distracts from the wilderness experience that brings visitors to these places.
  • Whenever possible, avoid flying over trails, campsites, and people.

Respect wildlife

In Canada it is unlawful to operate aircraft in or near national parks and national historic sites in a manner that disturbs wildlife.

  • If an aircraft causes an animal to move, flee, or change their behaviour, then it is too close
  • Never circle, chase, hover over, dive towards, or pursue wildlife
  • Whenever possible, minimize the amount of time circling before landing
  • Avoid flying directly over or towards animals
  • Caribou calving grounds should be avoided whenever possible
  • Transport Canada recommends that flights should be conducted at least 2000ft (610m) AGL over national parks and historic sites, except for landings, take-offs or when required for safety
  • Where practicable, pilots should maintain a minimum 1.1nmi (2km) horizontal distance from all wild sheep, mountain goats, and caribou
  • Maintain an altitude of 3500ft (1067m) AGL above areas with bird concentrations (colonies or moulting areas)
  • Plan routes that minimize flights over habitats likely to have birds and avoid sensitive areas such as moulting areas and raptor nesting sites

Permits are required

Aircraft landings are restricted and Aircraft Access Permits are required prior to taking off or landing in national parks and national historic sites.

  • Aircraft Access Permits are not to be used for wildlife viewing, filming, or photography: separate permits are required for these activities
  • All commercial aircraft companies planning to operate in national parks or historic sites must also possess a National Parks Business License
  • Recreational aircraft landings and take-offs are prohibited in national historic sites

Recreational use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones) in national parks and historic sites is prohibited. Special permits may be issued for research or filming activities.
Parachuting, skydiving, and BASE jumping (including the use of wing-suits) is prohibited.

Help protect these special places

Report any cases of wildlife harassment, illegal landings, suspicious aircraft, or other illegal activities to Park Wardens:

1-780-852-3100 or
1-877-852-3100 (Toll Free)

For more information or to apply for permits:

Parks Canada
Yukon Field Unit
Suite 205 – 300 Main Street
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2B5
1-800-661-0486 (Toll Free)
or 867-667-3910 (Direct)