Planning for the future at Kluane National Park and Reserve

Parks Canada has started the process of reviewing the management plan for Kluane National Park and Reserve for completion by 2020.

A management plan provides a vision and strategic direction for the future of a national park or historic site. It guides decision making to ensure that natural and cultural features are protected, while directing appropriate use so that visitors can experience and enjoy these treasured places.

Management plans are required for all national parks and national historic sites, and must be reviewed, by law, every ten years. In cases where sites are cooperatively managed, such as Kluane National Park and Reserve, managing partners, like the Kluane National Park Management Board, play a lead role in developing and endorsing the plans.

Public consultation is an important part of the management planning process, ensuring that Canadians have opportunities to provide meaningful input on how Parks Canada places are managed. Parks Canada is in the early stages of a plan review of Kluane National Park and Reserve and is committed to providing ongoing information about the processes. Detailed newsletters and notification of public participation opportunities will follow as planning progresses.

May 2019 update

Management Planning Newsletter - May 2019

September 2019 update

This summer, Parks Canada held a month-long session of public engagement that included open houses in Haines Junction, Burwash Landing and Whitehorse.

Thank you to everyone who provided their valuable time and feedback at this early stage of the plan review, your comments are being reviewed by the planning team and will help shape the draft management plan.

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