Camping and travel restrictions and mandatory use of bear canisters

Issued: May 10, 2019

Pursuant to section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations, the following activities are designated as restricted or prohibited within Kluane National Park & Reserve (as shown on the attached map):


Restrictions* are in place that dictate camping locations and duration within the following areas from April 1 – November 15:

  • Alsek/Kaskawulsh Grizzly Bear Protection Area (including the Alsek River);
  • Upper Sheep-Bullion Plateau (1-night stay only); and
  • Cottonwood Trail (camping locations between Kathleen Lake and Cottonwood Creek are specified).

*More details regarding the nature of these camping related restrictions can he obtained from the Park Visitor Centres, or by calling 867-634-7250.

Camping is prohibited within the following areas:

    Within 2km of the nearest point of motorized acces (with the exception of the Kathleen Lake Campground and on the shore of Mush Lake;
  • Base of Goatherd Mountain;
  • Lower Sheep-Bullion Plateau (April 1 – November 15); and
  • Sockeye Lake and Sockeye Creek area (July 15 – October 30).


All travel in and on Sockeye Lake and Sockeye Creek (outlet stream flowing into Louise Lake) area is prohibited from July 15 –October 30.

Personal watercraft

Use of personalized watercraft (including Sea-Doos, Wave Runners, and JetSkis) is prohibited throughout Kluane National Park & Reserve.

Gliding, parachuting, and base jumping

Hang-gliding, paragliding, parachuting, skydiving, and BASE jumping (including wing-suit jumping) is prohibited throughout Kluane National Park & Reserve.

Bear-resistant food containers

When camping and travelling overnight in Kluane National Park & Reserve between April 1 and November 15, all food, garbage, and other attractants must be stored in approved bear resistant food containers, except in the following areas:

  • Kluane Icefields (depending upon the specific activity and location);
  • Kathleen Lake Campground (when attractants are secured in a motor-vehicle, or one of the food lockers supplied in the campground); and
  • Mush Lake Backcountry Campsite (when attractants are secured in a motor-vehicle).

For the purpose of this order, approved bear-resistant food containers are those products listed as certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee. Approved bear-resistant food containers are also available from the Park Visitor Centres, or by making prior arrangements by calling 867-634-7250.

Diane Wilson
Field Unit Superintendent, Yukon

May 10, 2019

Provisions of Yukon First Nation Final Agreements, court decisions, and other indigenous rights, as reached through an agreement with Canada, may take precedence over any restrictions/prohibitions made under these Regulations.

Kluane National Park and Reserve restricted areas