Bear warning: Thechàl Dhâl’ (Sheep Mountain) area

Issued: August 12, 2020

What: Special caution and a group size of 4 is recommended when travelling in this area due to the following bear related situation:

Where: : The A’ay Chu (Slim’s River) valley, Bullion Plateau, Sheep Creek and Soldier's Summit Trails and Thechàl Dhâl’ (Sheep Mountain) area. 

Why: A bear exhibiting curious or testing behaviour by repeatedly approaching hikers at close range.

If a bear approaches with curious or testing behavior:

  - Talk in a firm voice.
  - Move out of the bear’s path.
  - If the bear follows and stays intent on you, stop and stand your ground.
  - Make yourself appear large, move uphill and stand on a log or rock.
  - Shout and act aggressively, and threaten the bear with anything you can find.
  - If the bear comes within range of your bear spray, spray it!
  - Inform Parks staff immediately by calling 24- hour emergency dispatch at 1-877-852-3100

For more information, call 867-634-7250