Distance: 1-2 km (3.2-6.6 mi) return trip
Time: 20-90 minutes
Elevation gain: 61 m (200’)
Maximum elevation: 856 m (2,808’)

Trailhead: Thechàl Dhâl trailhead parking lot, 2.6 km (1.6 mi) up the Ä’äy Chù (Slims River) Valley from the Thechàl Dhâl Visitor Centre.
Topo map: Destruction Bay 115 G/2

In summary

This is an easy to moderate hike, perfect for the whole family. It takes you to the top of a little knoll, where you can enjoy the view over the Ä’äy Chù (Slims River) Valley, and where you can observe a diverse vegetation and the tracks left by Dall sheep on their frequent visits to the knoll.

Download the Shepherd's Knoll route description (PDF, 126 Kb)

A route is not a trail

Routes are not marked with signs or maintained in any manner. The route described here is only a suggestion that may help guide you on your trip.

The details

After checking in at the Thechàl Dhâl Visitor Centre, you can drive or hike down the valley for 2.6 km. Here you will find a locked gate and a small parking area. Follow the main trail beyond the gate. After walking for 5 minutes, you reach an intersection with an interpretive sign. This is the turn off for the Sheep Creek trail. Continue going straight until you see a small cairn with a white rock on your left side. From there, you can see a sheep trail that goes up to the left. Follow this trail climbing up on to the knoll. Try to find the highest spot on the knoll to get the best view.

What you need to know

The Dall sheep rely on the plants of south-facing, snow-free slopes for critical nutrition. Dall sheep are high strung and may abandon parts of their range if repeatedly disturbed. Hikers and photographers are asked to be respectful of the sheep and their fragile habitat. Please:

  • do not approach sheep closer than 50 metres (165 ft)
  • hike in small, tight, slow-moving groups
  • never approach sheep from above, as it will confuse and stress them
  • put your dog on a leash, and stay far away from the sheep
  • stay on established trails or routes to prevent disturbance of the soil and fragile vegetation.

Bear sightings are very common in this area. Review recommendations for travel within the You are in Bear Country brochure. Please report all bear sightings to the staff at the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre in Haines Junction or at the Thechàl Dhâl Visitor Centre.


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Cellular telephones do not work in most of the park. Satellite phones or satellite messaging devices are strongly recommended.