Distance: 38 km (23.5 mi) return trip
Time: 2 - 3 days
Elevation gain: 793 m (2,600')
Maximum elevation: 1,555 m (5,100')

Trailhead: 27 km (17 mi) north of Burwash Landing on the Alaska Highway.
Topo Map: Duke River 115 G/6

In summary

Although this route is not within Kluane National Park & Reserve, it provides a relatively easy way to access sub-alpine areas that are typical of the northern part of the park.

Download the Quill Creek North Route description (PDF, 121 Kb)

A route is not a trail

Routes are not marked with signs or maintained in any manner. The route described here is only a suggestion that may help guide you on your trip. Self-reliance and wilderness travel experience are essential, including excellent route finding skills, map and compass skills. It is the responsibility of individual hikers who choose to follow such routes to adequately prepare and be prepared to rely on themselves.

The details

The trailhead is 27 km (17 mi) north of Burwash Landing. If you pass Quill Creek heading north, you have gone too far. Metal buildings can be seen from the highway; this is where to turn in. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for driving the mining road, but a two wheel drive vehicle could make it most of the way. The road would be excellent for mountain biking. You will come to a fork 11 kilometres down the road. The right fork leads to an old nickel mine 2 kilometres away. This mine has extensive tunnels and can be very dangerous. The road that extends beyond the mine is impassable, even with a four wheel drive, but may be an interesting hike as it comes out at the Donjek River. The left fork leads to Tatamagouche Creek, which eventually connects with Burwash Creek road. This has interesting potential as a mountain bike circuit. Six kilometres past the left fork are two lakes. The ridge at the end of the second lake could be climbed easily and may be an interesting spot to overnight.

What you need to know 

This route is located within the Kluane Wildlife Sanctuary, and there are active mining claims in this area. If you are not sure if passing through a mining area will be disruptive, check with the miners.

Bear sightings are common in this area. Review recommendations for travel within the You Are In Bear Country brochure. Please report all bear sightings to the staff at the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre in Haines Junction or at the Thechàl Dhâl Visitor Centre.



Cellular telephones do not work in most of the park. Satellite phones or satellite messaging devices are strongly recommended. For emergencies please call the local RCMP