On behalf of Parks Canada, thank you for your interest in volunteering! With your help, we are able to warmly greet and welcome visitors to Kluane National Park and Reserve!  

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You can download the information found here in PDF format: Campground Host Information Package (PDF, 0.5 MB)

Introduction to Parks Canada Agency

Parks Canada’s protected places stretch across the country and include 47 National Parks, 171 National Historic Sites, and 4 National Marine Conservation Areas.

Parks Canada is responsible for protecting ecosystems and cultural resources, and managing them for visitors to understand, appreciate and enjoy. It is sometimes a delicate balance – we need to ensure that visitors don’t compromise the natural and cultural features we are trying to take care of. One way we do this is by engaging curiosity and learning. The awareness of how intricate and fascinating our planet is, our histories, and our many traditions and cultures can encourage us all to conserve and protect what is important to us. Parks Canada encourages discovery and learning through its interpretation programs, whether via signage, personal programs and events or self-guided tours. 

Introduction to Kluane National Park and Reserve

Kluane National Park and Reserve is situated in the southwest Yukon and is a land of extremes. The park is home to Canada’s highest peak (5,959-metre Mount Logan), the largest non-polar ice field in the world and North America’s most genetically diverse grizzly population. Travellers from around the world come to traverse alpine passes on backcountry odysseys and raft past calving glaciers. With exceptional day hikes and highway-side scenery, Kluane awes from every angle.

The park is known for its panoramic mountains views, and beautiful trails. It is also known for quiet backcountry camping and wildlife watching opportunities.

The area holds a unique cultural history that we continue to discover and share with visitors. For thousands of years, Dän (indigenous people) pursued a subsistence-hunting and gathering lifestyle throughout much of the region now called Kluane National Park and Reserve.

Campground Hosts

Campground hosts provide a friendly, welcoming face to visitors to Kluane National Park and Reserve’s Kathleen Lake Campground. Whether it’s recommending the best trail to hike, providing bear safety information or helping to contact park staff in an emergency, campground hosts help make visitors from  around the world feel at home in Kluane.

As a campground host you will have a unique opportunity to discover Kluane National Park and Reserve and the surrounding area. Enjoy a complimentary campsite for your tent or small RV and meet new people from across Canada and the world.

If you are an experienced camper interested in sharing your love of the outdoors and Kluane National Park and Reserve, please consider joining us this season. To apply, simply complete and submit the Kathleen Lake Campground Host Program Application.  

What we look for:

Friendly, approachable, and welcoming personalities 
Contagious love of the outdoors, camping, and people
Strong problem solving and interpersonal skills
Camping experience in the type of equipment you plan to bring (tent, RV, trailer, etc.)

Knowledge of Kluane National Park and Reserve and the surrounding area
Hosting experience at other parks or sites;
First aid certification
Ability to speak French or other languages commonly spoken by visitors;

Arrival and Departure 

Arrive at the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre in Haines Junction. 
Pick up the campground hosts’ bin and receive a training session. 
Set up on Campsite #1, the Campground Host Site (large enough for 40" foot long units (not pull-through).
Kluane staff will visit you at your site to provide an orientation of the campground and answer your questions. 

Leave a clean and welcoming site for the next Campground Hosts. 
Stop by the Kluane National Park and Reserve Visitor Centre to drop off the campground hosts’ bin. 
Submit the evaluation form with your recommendations, highlights of your stay, and whether you would like to participate in the program next year.

Please note: Campground hosts are responsible for supplying their own transportation, clothing, food, camping, and cooking equipment. Parks Canada does not reimburse out-of-pocket expenses.

Cancellation Policy

We depend on our hosts to make camping at Kathleen Lake a wonderful experience, however, we also know that sometimes unforeseen things happen. If you’re unable to make it to your hosting session, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can invite another host for that time.

Legal Considerations

Parks Canada provides a Group Personal Accident Policy for volunteers under the age of 90 who sign a Parks Canada Volunteer Agreement Form. Parks Canada provides volunteers, excluding those who operate aircraft, with $10,000,000 coverage for third-party (public) liability. Volunteers over the age of 90 are responsible for their own insurance coverage. 


The Government of Canada, Parks Canada and/or Parks Canada employees are not responsible for personal injury or any loss, theft or damage to the volunteer’s property.

Kathleen Lake Campground

Kathleen Lake in Southern Tutchone is Mät’àtäna Män. It is a descriptive name and it means frozen lake or something frozen deep inside the lake. In the summer, however, the lake is a glorious blue and the leafy, quiet campground enjoys long hours of sunlight. Kathleen Lake Campground has a 38 sites suitable for tenting or RV-ing, with fire rings, bear-proof storage lockers and outhouses. The campground operates by self-registration on a first come-first serve basis. There are also five oTENTik wall tents for a higher end camping experience. The oTENTik can be booked online, by phone or in-person in the Haines Junction Visitor Centre. The campground does NOT have showers or hook-ups. The campground is open May 15th to mid-September 22nd, 2020. 

From mid-June to August, visitors can enjoy free interpretive campfire programs on bears, the natural wonders of the park and Southern Tutchone culture. 

Rules & Regulations  

A few rules regarding Kathleen Lake Campground:
All national park and Kathleen Lake campground regulations apply to the campground hosts.
All food, garbage and any attractants (i.e. toiletries, pet food, dishes, and recyclables) MUST be stored inside the bear-resistant food lockers provided, or in your vehicle. 
All pets must be kept on leash in Kluane National Park and Reserve. 
Quiet hours: from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Please keep your campsite clean and orderly during your stay.

Hosts Do 
make themselves available to greet and assist campers 
provide information and brochures to campers and explain park regulations when necessary 
assist campers with self-registration and purchasing firewood 
encourage good camping practices 
assist campers during an emergency by contacting Parks Canada staff 
walk through the campground twice per day 
keep records of activities and make recommendations for improving the host program at Kathleen Lake

Hosts Do Not
collect camping or entry fees 
register guests 
reserve campsites 
issue campsite permits 
enforce park regulations 
perform maintenance or repairs


The program runs from mid-May to mid-September.

During your stay you would be on site 5 days a week for the following hours: (this schedule is flexible and can be amended) 

8 am -3 pm: You are free to leave the site.

3 pm - 5 pm: Active Duty  
Please ensure the sandwich board is up during active and standby duty.  
Walk through the campground. 
Greet and assist arriving campers with registration and finding a site.
Answer any campground related questions.

5 pm - 6 pmOn Standby in case you are needed by visitors:  
Feel free to spend time in your RV and find other ways to relax and enjoy your site, while still being available to visitors. 

6 pm - 8 pm - Active duty
Meet and greet campers.
Walk through the campground. 
Record and report to staff any potential visitor infractions or issues, and provide friendly reminders that 10 pm is quiet time.   

8 pm -10 pm: On Standby in case you are needed by visitors. 
Call Park Dispatch and park staff if you anticipate any incidents that may warrant intervention by staff or law enforcement.  

How to be a Successful Host

In brief, the two most important things you need to know: 

Be willing to LEARN
L – Listen to the visitor’s concern
E – Empathize with the visitor
A – Acknowledge that you have heard and understand
R – Resolve the issue, if possible
N – Notify Parks Canada Staff

Be ready to thank visitors for taking the time to give us feedback, whether good or bad. 

Other tips to be successful: 

Be a Park Ambassador:  
Visitors have different perspectives and different needs. It is important to ask questions to find out what visitors are looking for in their experience and offer them choices to best suit their needs. What is a good hike for you may not be the best hike for a family with small children. 

And remember, your professionalism will help you to better engage visitors: 
Always wear identifiers (i.e., volunteer t-shirts and name tags) while on duty. 
Be familiar with Kluane National Park and Reserve and local area and be able to answer questions about recreational opportunities, local attractions, local events, park events, and interpretive programs. 
Have a basic understanding of other Parks Canada places in the system and the mandate and purpose of Parks Canada Agency (PCA).  
Provide park-approved pamphlets and brochures.
Show campers how to register at the self-registration kiosk. 

Observe and Report:
Advise staff ASAP of any potential harm/ safety concerns, including people and resources.
Record in your weekly log sheet any facility defects, safety incidents, friendly reminders given, wildlife encounters, and any other significant actions you have taken (Gave first aid, called 911, called park dispatch, etc).
Assist campers during an emergency by contacting Parks Canada staff and/or emergency personnel.
If you are trained in First Aid and feel comfortable doing so, provide assistance to an injured party to the best of your ability, but never compromise your own safety or that of others.
If you are comfortable giving a visitor a friendly reminder to prevent an incident, then do so.
Never attempt to enforce park regulations beyond a friendly reminder. Record the incidents and share with the Park staff during their rounds.

After-Hours Presence: Hosts are an extra set of eyes and ears in a campground where park staff are not on duty 24 hours a day. 

Parks Canada’s promise to you

Volunteers can expect to:

Be welcomed and respected by Parks Canada employees.
Participate in an activity that is worthwhile, challenging and provides learning and growth. 
Be informed about details of the activity and impact of your contributions. 
Receive orientation, support and all necessary equipment and materials to complete the activity safely. 
Perform volunteer activities in a safe environment. 
Receive advice and support from a designated supervisor. 
Receive appropriate recognition. 
Receive a complementary campsite and firewood during their stay.  

Nearby Communities

Haines Junction 
Haines Junction is the nearest community to the campground. If there’s an item on your list that you’ve forgotten you’ll find it in Haines Junction. There are several gas stations, the Little Green Apple for groceries, a liquor store, and a few restaurants to serve you. 


You may wish to stop in Whitehorse on your way to the park in order to stock up. The city of Whitehorse has several major supermarkets plus RV and camping supply stores.  It is located 155 km east of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway. 

Weather and Safety

Rugged and Remote 
Kluane National Park and Reserve is spectacular. It is also a remote, rugged place where rescues take time. Remember: you are responsible for your own safety. Ensure you have suitable health coverage.

Temperatures and Monthly Rainfall 
Kluane’s cool, sunny summer days are perfect for exploring by bike, hike, canoe or even raft. But, remember that snow can fall all summer. Pack your rain gear, warm sweaters, bathing suit and tuque. You never know what the mountains are going to bring. 

Average temperatures: 

Month Low High 
May -1°C/30°F 14°C/57°F  
June 4°C/39°F  20°C/68°F 
July 6°C/42°F 21°C/70°F
August 3°C/37°F  19°C/66°F 
September -1°C/30°F 13°C/55°F  

Sunrise and Sunset Times
Worried about having enough time? While technically the sun is just below the horizon by midnight, there’s plenty of sunshine in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” all summer long.
Date Sunrise Sunset
May 21st: 5:02 a.m. 10:52 p.m.
June 21st: 4:27 am 11:36 pm
July 21st: 5:10 am 11:01 pm
August 21st: 6:26 am 9:38 pm
September 21st: 7:42 am 8:02 pm


Black bears and grizzly bears live in Kluane National Park and Reserve, and are occasionally seen around Kathleen Lake Campground. Bear boxes are available to store food overnight. When you arrive, Parks Canada staff will provide you with training and explain what to do if you encounter a bear or hear reports of a bear in the campground. They will also provide you with bear safety equipment (bear spray, air horn).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Parks Canada provide firewood for campground hosts? 
Yes, it’s free for the duration of their hosting stay (but please use it safely and in moderation). 

Where can I purchase propane? 
Propane is not provided as part of the Campground Host program. It can be purchased in Haines Junction from the Kluane RV Park or North of 60 Gas Station. 

Where is the RV dumping station? 
A sewage dumping station is located at the North of 60 Gas Station and Kluane RV Park.  

Where can I fill my RV’s water tank? 
In Haines Junction, at Fas Gas, North of 60 Gas Station.

Where can I purchase ice? 
At North of 60, Kluane RV Park and Fas Gas in Haines Junction

Where can I do my laundry? 
The closest Laundromat is in Haines Junction at the Alcan Inn. You will need coins (toonies and loonies) to operate it. 

Where can I fish? 
Fishing is permitted in Kluane National Park and Reserve with an Angling Permit that can be purchased in the Visitor Centre in Haines Junction. 

Can I drink the water? 
We recommend that campers boil tap water from Kathleen Lake Campground. 


Kluane National Park and Reserve
PO Box 5495
Haines Junction, YT Y0B 1L0
Tel: 1-867-634-7207
Fax: 1-867-634-2044
E-mail: pc.infopnkluane-kluanenpinfo.pc@canada.ca 
Web: www.parkscanada.gc.ca