Explore, learn, enjoy!

June 15 to August 31

Evening campfire talks

Join us around the campfire circle at the Kathleen Lake Campground for one of the oldest northern traditions --- telling stories around a cozy campfire. Bring a mug for tea!

Time: 8 pm

  • Monday Life in the Lake
    Learn about the health of the Lake Trout and Kokanee Salmon populations in Kathleen Lake.
  • Wednesday (except July 31) and Friday (except July 19) The Power of Plants
    Learn about Kluane’s variety of plants found throughout the forests and mountains.
  • Thursday and Saturday (except July 20) Glaciers – Their Growings and Goings
    Learn how glaciers in Kluane move and the changes taking place related to climate change.
  • Sunday (except July 21) Growing up Grizzly!
    Learn about the challenges grizzly bears face in order to survive in Kluane.

Guided hike – Sheep Creek Trail

Sunday (except July 14)
Join in this 10 km guided hike that takes us through the boreal forest and offers views down the Ä’äy Chù Valley. Meet at the Thachál Dhâl Visitor Centre, and bring water, lunch and comfortable footwear and clothing.

Time: 10:00 – 4:00
Elevation Gain: 430 m
Fee: $19.80 per person