All persons spending time within the Icefield Ranges of Kluane National Park & Reserve must have a Mountaineering Permit. An Aircraft Landing Permit must be obtained for each and every landing within the Icefields. Landing Permits are issued as part of your Mountaineering Permit.

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Applying for your Mountaineering Permits

Mountaineering groups must apply for permits at least one month in advance of the start of your trip. Failure to do so will result in delays in processing your application. To apply, the Expedition Leader must:

Submit all of the above information for your expedition, as a package, to:

Important notice:  Permits

Kluane staff are not available to review mountaineering permits between the dates of November 1st and April 1st. If you require a permit before April 1st, you must submit your application by November 1st of the preceding year.
Applications received after November 1st will be processed in April, priority for review will be determined by expedition departure date.

Once your application is received completed and payment has been processed, you will be provided a copy of your Mountaineering Permit for signature. Once it has been signed and returned electronically you are clear to begin your trip.

Guide Permits

All persons intending to guide a mountaineering expedition into Kluane National Park & Reserve require a license to do so. Please contact Kluane National Park & Reserve for a Business License Package.



It is mandatory that each expedition deregister in person, by phone or by email with park staff as soon as possible upon completion of the trip.

Failing to deregister is a violation of Park Regulations and will result in a search being initiated. If you fail to check back in you may be financially responsible for the search.