Important notice:

Parks Canada has temporarily suspended all visitor services in all national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas across the country until further notice to help contain the novel coronavirus and reduce risks to employees and visitors.

As a result of these measures search and rescue capacity has been reduced in Kluane National Park and Reserve. As visitor safety services cannot be ensured for the Icefield Ranges, Parks Canada will not be issuing permits for this area for the 2020 season. This includes both mountaineering and aircraft landing permits.

The Icefield Ranges of the St. Elias Mountains occupy two-thirds of Kluane National Park and Reserve's interior and represent a portion of the most extensive non-polar icefield in the world. Major mountains found within the Icefield Ranges of Kluane National Park and Reserve include: Mount Logan (5,959 m), Mount St. Elias (5,489 m), Mount Lucania (5,226 m), King Peak (5,173 m), Mount Steele (5,073 m), Mount Wood (4,842 m) and Mount Vancouver (4,812 m), to name a few.

Mountaineering in the Icefield Ranges is permitted from March 15 to November 15. The climbing season generally extends from mid-April to late June. Climbing parties must apply in advance of their trip and all climbers are required to register. Applications received after December 15 will be processed in March; priority for review will determined by expedition departure date.

New requirements for 2020

  • Insurance required for all expeditions in the Icefield Ranges
  • Minimum group size of two required for Mount Logan expeditions

Planning your expedition

Preparing for your expedition