Camping along the lower Firth River
Camping along the Firth river

There are no designated campsites in the park. You may camp anywhere you like, except at archaeological sites. Whether hiking or rafting, there are an endless number of beautiful sites to choose from.

Parks Canada has, where possible, identified scenic and appropriate camping sites on the Firth River. Contact the Parks Canada office for a copy of the Firth River Map & Guide.

In order to protect this pristine wilderness, please practice No Trace Camping. All garbage must be packed out with you. Consult with the park staff for additional advice on low-impact camping techniques.

The winds can be very strong and prolonged in Ivvavik National Park. A good quality tent, able to withstand fierce winds, is crucial for a comfortable visit.


Campfires are not allowed anywhere within Ivvavik National Park. Use camp stoves and bottled fuel for cooking.

Scheduled aircraft from the south do not allow passengers to carry fuel. Most types of camping fuel may be purchased in Inuvik. If you require specialty fuels you should check in advance with local suppliers.

Joe Creek camp
Tent Camp by Joe Creek.

Managing human waste

Bacterial action is much slower in the arctic and human waste can take a long time to decompose. This is especially true where permafrost is just below the surface. For appropriate methods of disposing of human waste while in the park, please contact the Parks Canada office in Inuvik.