Pack your gear and escape for the ultimate winter retreat at Birch Bay or Paignton Beach. Bring a picnic lunch and warm up in the enclosed camp kitchen shelter with hot chocolate in hand. Keep an eye out for the small critters that stay active as the snow falls - otters, fishers, martens, snowshoe hare, and weasels call Prince Albert National Park home year-round! As the sun sets over Waskesiu Lake, gather around the glow of the campfire and listen to the lake ‘sing’ as the ice shifts and buckles late into the night.

Winter Camping

Why not spend the night? The northern sky and solitude make winter camping unforgettable. Although the park campgrounds are closed in winter, you may camp anywhere in the park that is more than 2 km from public roads and campgrounds.

  • You must register and complete a park use permit before camping in the backcountry overnight. Either:
  • Stop by the Visitor Centre during office hours.
  • Phone the Visitor Centre: (306) 663-4522.
  • Stop by the Visitor Centre entrance after office hours to self register and obtain a Park Use Permit before your departure.

De-registration upon return is voluntary. If you choose to de-register, contact us in person at the Visitor Centre, or by phone during office hours.

Park use fees apply, however, there is no charge for winter camping.

Heated washrooms with running water are available in the Visitor Centre 24 hours a day, in Waskesiu town site.

Stay safe and enjoy your outing!