Visitor Centre in Val Marie (West block) Visit with our knowledgeable staff before venturing into the park and obtain maps and information to help guide you on a safe and enjoyable journey.

While you are there, discover the history of the area through visual displays, and the grasslands movie area. View geological finds of the area like gypsum and archeological artifacts like arrowheads and hammer stones. A visit isn’t complete without running your hands over the downy softness of the bison hide.

Rock Creek Visitor Centre (East block) Visit before you venture into the park. This repurposed ranch home has the staff and information to help you to not only stay safe but to get the most out of your visit.

While you are there, discover the story of the area with items like the friendship quilt, the triceratops tooth and the grasslands movie area. Learn about the Indigenous Peoples of the area, the famous paleontology and geology of the area, ranchers and early homesteaders, and even the early development of Saskatchewan.

West Block Visitor Centre: 1-877-345-2257
Rock Creek Visitor Centre: 1-306-476-2018