Come and explore our Ecotour Driving Adventure and the Badlands Parkway, diverse trails, and guided experiences. Discover some of Canada’s rarest wildlife, darkest skies, astonishing dinosaur fossils, over 12,000 teepee rings, and varied landscapes, from buttes and valleys to breathtaking badlands. Your surprise awaits!

Going, Going, Gone

A park interpreter shows a group of visitors a bison horn near a large rock.  

May 18 to September 2, 2019
Mondays and Fridays, 9:00 am West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground

Some of our famous, yet elusive Grasslands species are facing troubles in this endangered ecosystem. Are we looking at a “Going, Going, Gone” situation for our friends, or is there something we can do to help them out?

Footprints in Time

Three smiling friends walk along a trail with their Border Collie dog on a leash. 

May 18 to August 31, 2019
Saturdays, 9:00 am East Block, Rock Creek Campground

Take a walk back in time. Let the grasslands reveal those who have come before you.

ekta wambli (Eagle View)

July 1 to September 2, 2019
Mondays, 9:00 am East Block, Rock Creek Campground

Sharp eye. Keen Ear. Delicate touch. Mother Earth presents the glory of the mixed grass prairie.

The Cowboy Way

An interpreter points out a picture to an excited groups of visitors seated at a picnic table in front of the Larson Homestead buildings. 

July 2 to August 27, 2019
Tuesdays, 9:00 am West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground

Join us on a journey through time to discover the history and tales of cowboys, homesteaders and ranchers who lived off the land. Learn about the Belza and Larson families and how they were able to thrive in this unforgiving landscape

Where the Buffalo Roam

A line of people stand on the catwalk of a corral.

July 4 to August 29, 2019
Thursdays, 9:00 am West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground

Explore the history of the Plains Bison and their remarkable comeback with a tour of the handling facility, followed by a hike featuring the importance of the bison to the Indigenous Peoples.

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Cowboy Coffee

A park interpreter pours coffee for a visitor. 

May 19 to September 1, 2019
Sundays, 9:00 am, Frenchman Valley Campground and Rock Creek Campground

Set a relaxed pace for your Sunday morning and make connections like prairie neighbours over a cup of delicious brewed-over-the-campfire coffee – strong and memorable!

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Fireside Chats

Families singing around a campfire

May 17 to August 30, 2019
Wednesdays and Fridays, 7:00pm, Frenchman Valley Campground and Rock Creek Campground.

Whether it be stories, stars or serenades, one thing is for sure – any evening is a good one to share around the campfire with friends! Join our interpreters for an evening of conversation and campfire snacks.

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Lakota Legends

A presenter reads a story from a children’s book. 

July 5 to August 30, 2019
Fridays, 1:00pm, East Block, Rock Creek Campground

Watch the canvas come alive as Lakota First Nations artist and storyteller, Kim Soo Goodtrack, illustrates the Star Nation in pastel as she speaks. Following the presentation, create your own artwork in Lakota design.

Beyond the Big Dipper

A man looks through a telescope at the starry night sky. 

June 1, 2019 8:00pm
East Block, Rock Creek Campground
July 27, 2019 8:00pm
West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground

View the night sky like never before, in one of the best places on Earth to view it. Royal Astronomical Society astronomers set up their telescopes, deliver an enchanting presentation, then walk the visitors through an amazing night of viewing the vast heavens.

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Métis Connections

Hands holding a colourful Métis sash. 

July 3 to August 6, 2019
Wednesdays, 1:00pm, West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground

Join local Métis heritage presenters and learn about the special connections to this landscape through storytelling, interpretation, music and art.

Circling Back: A Story of Archaeology

Glacial cobbles form a tipi ring on the grasslands.   

July 6 to August 31, 2019
Saturdays, 6:00 pm, West Block, Frenchman Valley Campground

Take an exclusive journey to the Turkey Track Ridge and witness the secrets of the land unfold before you through the eyes of an archaeologist. Approx. 3 hours, 4 km. Space limited, pre-registration required. Includes transportation to the program location from the Frenchman Valley Campground.

Junior Naturalists

Two young girls crouch to examine a flower. 

July 6 to August 31, 2019
Saturdays, 7:00pm, Frenchman Valley Campground and Rock Creek Visitor Centre

Hey kids, looking for a fun way to explore the only prairie park in Canada? Join us to learn about what makes Grasslands National Park special. Take a short hike to discover wild life, wild flowers, fossils or even a tipi-ring along the way.