Exposition « Des îles à la mer »

A dad and his two boys observed sealskin Exposition des îles à la mer

Centre d’accueil et d’interprétation de Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan
625, rue du Centre
Téléphone : 418 949-2126

The exhibit offers you a virtual and sensory excursion to the westernmost islands in the Mingan Archipelago. Discover the outstanding features of these islands as well as the people who marked their history, Aboriginal artefacts, sealskin, interactive games about the islands’ food chain and seabirds, and more.

Durée moyenne : 1 heure


Exposition «Témoins de la vie aux îles Mingan»

Two littles girls observed fossils with magnifying glasses Exposition Témoins de la vie aux îles Mingan

Centre d’accueil et d’interprétation de Havre-Saint-Pierre
1010, promenade des Anciens (Portail Pélagie-Cormier)
Téléphone : 418 538-3285

The exhibit will give you a taste of the outstanding natural and cultural features of the islands. Immerse yourself in island history and the poetry of Roland Jomphe, who won several prizes for his writing. Discover 465-million-year-old fossilized marine organisms that are now extinct. You can observe them with magnifying glasses in display cabinets and on a handling table.

Durée moyenne : 1 heure


Exposition « Vivre aux Perroquets »

A couple visit the exhibition Vivre aux Perroquets Exposition Vivre aux Perroquets

Visit the foghorn shed on Île aux Perroquets to see the exhibit about this island. Learn about the evolution and modernization of the lighthouse station and the methods of communication used here since 1888. Find out about the way of life of the families and writers who have lived on this island. Admire period household and religious objects as well as photos and personal diaries.

Durée moyenne : 1 heure

À Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan

La station de recherche des îles Mingan (MICS ; Mingan Island Cetacean Study) et Parcs Canada présentent des expositions :

Les mammifères marins du golfe du Saint-Laurent et Des îles à la mer