La Mauricie National Park’s landscape is familiar to the public for its myriad hills, forests and watercourses – which may mean that it is sometimes taken for granted. And yet, more than 40 years after its founding, this protected territory still has plenty surprises in store for visitors!

Come discover this natural environment for yourself – you’ll see why it was so critical to protect it and why this territory warranted being designated a national park.


Human activities conducted on the territory prior to the creation of the park have had a deep impact on the status of its ecosystems. The forest landscape was modified by logging and forest fire suppression, while aquatic habitats were transformed by the log drives and sport fishing of bygone times.

The mission of the Resource Conservation Service is to understand, protect and restore park ecosystems with a view to preserving their ecological integrity.

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The landscape of La Mauricie National Park is one of lakes, forests and rolling hills, all scattered with rivers, streams and waterfalls. These natural characteristics are typical of a specific eastern Canadian environment, that of the Laurentians. This is an extremely valuable environment which needs to be safeguarded for future generations.

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Characterized by aquatic environments and an abundant and diversified forest, the park offers a suitable habitat to a multitude of animal species typical of the Eastern Canadian forests.


The park is at the northern edge of the great hardwood forests of Quebec. Ninety-three percent of the park is covered by forests. It includes 30 species of trees making up a hundred distinct plant communities, distributed in irregular fashion according to altitude, topography and soils.