2010 La Mauricie National Park management plan


The present document, the third management plan for La Mauricie National Park, presents the vision for the future and management priorities for the coming years. The aim of the plan is to protect and reinforce the park's ecological integrity and diversify the recreational and educational experiences offered to park visitors and the general public.

Four key strategies have been developed to address the main challenges faced by the park in the years ahead. Each strategy incorporates the three elements of Parks Canada's mandate – protection, visitor experience and public education. Objectives, actions and targets have been set for each key strategy.

  1. A park to rediscover: promote the park among new clienteles and better fulfill the expectations of present visitors. The actions proposed are designed to strengthen the present market and attract new clienteles, make members of the public who do not visit the park aware of the park and its mandate, enhance the park's position in regional tourism and provide visitors with a wider variety of experiences.

  2. Honouring and celebrating the past: preserve, understand and present the park's cultural resources. The actions proposed in this key strategy are aimed at increasing knowledge of the history of park land, protecting evidence of the various historical periods and promoting the discovery and appreciation of cultural heritage among park employees, visitors and members of the public who do not visit the park.

  3. The rebirth of the Laurentian forest: protect, promote and present components of the park's forest ecosystem. Actions proposed consist of presenting visual elements of interest of the Laurentian forest landscape, restoring the forest mosaic and the white pine and red oak that once thrived here, promoting visitor discovery and appreciation of the Laurentian forest, and gaining the support and collaboration of managers of neighbouring land in protecting the forest ecosystem and species living there.

  4. The freshwater world resurfaces: restore the aquatic ecosystem in order to improve the ecological integrity of the park and promote stimulating recreational and educational visitor experiences relating to the freshwater environment. Actions proposed are: having visitors learn about aquatic environments and their fragility; restoring the structure and natural functioning of aquatic ecosystems that have deteriorated; ensuring the viability and genetic diversity of populations of brook trout and Arctic char; preventing the introduction of new non-native species of fish; and recovering the population of wood turtles.

The management plan also includes other measures to improve park management, namely, creating a declared wilderness area over a large part of the park and setting up an advisory committee made up of regional stakeholders representing multiple points of view, which would ensure a continuous dialogue with them.

The energies invested over the coming years will lead to concrete results and improvements to a number of aspects of the park: its ecological integrity, the cultural aspect through presentation of its human history, the experiences of park visitors, and the state of species at risk. All these initiatives will create a synergy that will promote an emotional, intellectual and spiritual connection to La Mauricie National Park among residents in the region and the general population, thus ensuring the park's continued existence.

In an effort to make this information available to you in a timely manner, this plan is currently only available in PDF format. Should you require an alternate format or a hard copy please contact us by e-mailing josee.desharnais@canada.ca.

2010 La Mauricie National Park management plan (PDF - 13.8 MB)

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