Less than two hours from Montréal and Québec City, La Mauricie National Park takes you straight into the heart of the Laurentian forest. In a part of the country that First Nations travelled long before the establishment of the Trois-Rivières trading post in 1634, nature is at the heart of the experience. No less than 211 species of birds, including 124 nesting species, populate this territory. Even today, 93% of the area is covered by forests of 30 species of trees, including maple, birch, pine, fir and spruce. Hills and valleys criss-cross the landscape, creating unique vantage points.

Note that between now and 2020, the Government of Canada is undertaking the largest infrastructure investment in Parks Canada’s history to protect sites that are precious to us and to ensure their future. At La Mauricie National Park, the funds being invested in visitor infrastructure will ensure the quality and reliability of the activities offered and will enable everyone to get closer to nature. Click here for details.